JMD Medico Launches in Assam

Guwahati; October 24, 2017: JMD Medico Services Ltd. (a subsidiary of JMD Ventures Ltd, which is listed on BSE) launched its wide range of ayurvedic products in Northeast Market. Celebrated actor Barsha Rani Bishaya unveiled JMD Medico products at a glittering event held in the city today. JMD Medico is an Ayurveda company headquartered in Mumbai, offering a wide range of ayurvedic, 100% herbal and natural products.

With thislaunch, JMD Medico’s products would now be available at retail outlets acrossthe state of Assam.  The launch in the region supports JMD Medico’snational growth strategy. The company has setup a logistics centre in Kolkatato address and satisfy the local demands of in the states of Assam, Tripura,Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

Elaboratingfurther on the launch, Mr. Jagdish Purohit – Chairman, JMD Medico Services Ltd. said, “In the lastcouple of years, Ayurveda industry has shown massive growth not only in Indiabut also across the globe due to the natural medicinal benefits they offerwithout any side effects. Apart from this, the measures taken by Government ofIndia in encouraging & promoting usage of Ayurvedic products has alsohelped the industry. In our first year, we managed to make a strong presence inthe eastern states of India followed by western states of India early thisyear. Now we see North-eastern states as a huge market since the consumption ofAyurveda products is growing.”

“As JMDMedico is introducing new products and at the same time it is growing some ofthe existing product range, we are expecting our revenues to cross INR 500crore in the next three years pan India”, Mr. Jagdish Purohit added.

JMD Medicobegan its journey in the year 2015 with a vision to improve the quality of lifewith the help of Ayurveda. JMD Medico after tasting success in the Eastern andWestern parts of the country, now launches its wide range of products that areayurvedic, 100% herbal and natural in the Northeast states.

JMD Medicoaims to be one amongst the leaders in the Ayurvedic industry relating tohealth, skin, hair, body problems. Currently, the company’s portfolio consists30+ products in hair care, skin care, health care and body care collectively.JMD Medico has an existing distribution network of 2500 retailers in Assam. Allproducts of JMD Medico are 100% Herbal products with no side effects. JMDmedico is associated with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and 100% herbalcertificate holders.

Mr. AnilPurohit – Chief Executive Officer, JMD Medico Services Ltd. said, “The companyplans to tap the growing ayurveda market in the country by launching andexpanding products that are manufactured entirely by natural ingredient and are100% herbal. With the rising acceptance for ayurvedic products and an enticingpricing strategy, we are confident that our products has a big potential. Inorder to reach out to our target audience, we have planned many consumer led initiativeswhich will not only give them the exposure to our brand but also a first-handexperience.”

Ms.Barsha Rani Bishaya,Assamese actress who unveiled JMD Medico products range said, “I’m gladto be a part of JMD Medico’s products launch in Assam. JMD Medico offers a widerange of products under skin care, hair care and body care ensuring it to be100% herbal with no side-effects. I’m a firm believer of Ayurveda and preferusing chemical free products. I’m certain that brand like JMD Medico will helpus to cater our day to day wellness needs.”

The Indiaherbal products market comprises of herbal hair care, herbal skin care, herbaloral care and other products such as digestive remedies, Chyawanprash andbalms. The Indian herbal market size is estimated to register a CAGR of 16%through 2021. Introduction of Ayurvedic nutraceuticals & dietarysupplements as well as Ayurvedic cosmetics & skin care products is likelyto boost the market over the next five years. Moreover, rising health concernsand awareness of side effects of allopathy are few of the major factors drivingconsumer preference for Ayurvedic products in the country. Rising number ofexclusive showrooms and increasing availability of Ayurvedic products atmulti-branded stores is also boosting sales of Ayurvedic products in thecountry.

JMD Medico’sfoundation is firmly rooted in its commitment of providing the best that thenature has to offer. The products of the company manufactured are researched,tested and developed in their own R&D unit located in Haridwar by a panelof eminent Doctors and scientists.

JMD Medicoproducts can also be ordered online from the company’s website - orfrom E-commerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. One can also placeorder of their 100% Herbal Ayurvedic JMD Medico products through helplineno 7506886666/ +91-22-4-40484048

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