24th August, 2017: Jockey, the world's best-loved and most-recognized innerwear brand, announces a unique pop-up museum to bring alive its legacy from the 25th to 27th of August at The Courtyard - Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore.

Founded in1876, Jockey has a rich history as one of the apparel industry’s originalpioneers and innovators. Whether it’s inventing the first ever men’s brief in1934, developing underwear for astronauts of NASA’s Apollo Mission in 1962, orsetting benchmarks in the innerwear category with groundbreaking advertising,Jockey continues to define the industry.

The pop-upmuseum is to celebrate the history of Jockey and relive its incredible journeyby bringing alive key milestones such as the invention of the brief in 1934,the revolutionary Y-front design of 1935, the ‘Cellophane Wedding’ in 1938which was the world’s first fashion show for innerwear, the very firstinnerwear TV commercial in 1958, the special line of underwear created forNASA’s Apollo mission in 1962, introduction of the first men’s bikini brief in1969, pioneering the use of box packaging for innerwear in 1972,  thefirst ever innerwear fashion show in India in 1995, and many more.

This yearalso marks 70 years since Jockey stitched the brand name on the waist band oftheir innerwear. At a time when underwear was not openly spoken about andunderwear brands put their names on their products only for legal reasons,Jockey wanted to show the world how proud it was of its products. In whatseemed like a small step, Jockey embroidered its name onto the waistbands ofits products, and was the first brand to ever do so. Jockey’s branding of theband was path-breaking, and broke out into a global trend which is seen acrossbrands even today.

Expressinghis gratitude on the occasion, Sunder Genomal, Managing Director,Page Industries Limited said“We are extremely delighted tounveil our #ThereIsOnlyOne pop-up museum to celebrate our incredible journey.Jockey’s success rests on our experience as a heritage brand, our pioneeringspirit and our feel for trends. As a brand we’ve stood for excellent materialsand the finest workmanship, as well as special attention to detail and perfectfit. For the last 141 years, Jockey has been an iconic brand that is built onthe trust of our consumers and thus we're thrilled to offer them the uniqueopportunity to experience the brand’s evolution in an exciting and engagingway.”

Whetheryou’re attending the Jockey Pop-up museum or watching it from afar, join theconversation using #THEREISONLYONE on Twitter @JockeyIndia and Instagram @jockeyindia.Also visit the Jockey IndiaFacebook page for LIVE updates onJockey’s 141 year celebration.

The Jockeypop-up museum will also be held in Mumbai from September 8 – 10, 2017 atHigh Street Phoenix, Lower Parel.

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