Bangalore, December 7, 2017: Determined to fight against counterfeiting of steel products under its brand and more importantly safeguarding the interests of customers, JSW Steel, the flagship company of diversified Indian conglomerate, JSW Group, recently conducted two raids in and around Bangalore, Karnataka.

The firstraid was conducted at Baburam Premchand, a manufactuer based in Mothi NagarBangalore.  The promoter of this manufacturing unit Mr Satheesh Gupta wasarrested. The raid was conducted by officials of Halasurgate Police Station,Banaglore. The officials confiscated and duly sealed over 500 counterfeit steelsheets from the unit during this raid. 

The secondraid was conducted at Akshay Enterprises, a retailer based in Kolar, nearBangalore.  The promoter of this retail store Mr D Gowda was arrested. Theraid was conducted by officials of Vemagal Police Station, Kolar. The officialsconfiscated and duly sealed over 50 counterfeit steel sheets from the storeduring this raid. 

The arrestedpersons were allegedly selling sub-standard quality of colour-coated steelunder the brand name JSW Colouron+ a (registered trademark belonging to JSWSteel). The counterfeit products sold was causing significant losses and damageto JSW’s long-established trademark reputation, goodwill and trust amongcustomers. 

Accordingto Mr Jayant Acharya, Director - Commercial & Marketing, JSW Steel, “JSW Steel believes in offering highquality superior products. But we would like to sensitize that in last fewmonths there has been a substantial import of inferior colour-coated sheetsthat imitate JSW Colouron+ and customers are getting cheated. These counterfeitproducts, made by sub-standard material have lower product life and can putsafety of our consumers at risk. “ 

JSW Steel isknown for its innovation and high quality products have introduced a qualitymarking on JSW Colouron+ colour coated sheets. The key feature of this qualitymarking is that it is non-erasable and can be easily checked by the consumersat the store during purchase.  JSW Steel’s quality marking differentiatesits product from counterfeits as the liner marking in counterfeits can beeasily erased.  Such malpractices have serious implication on economichealth and safety of the industry and individual customers. Counterfeiting andpiracy are a threat to every industry sector around the world and India is noexception.

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