#JustAsk Amazon Echo and control your world with voice

Bengaluru, March 22, 2018: Amazon launches its first ever TVC campaign on Echo devices in India that highlights the various use-cases of Echo in everyday life and how users can control their world with voice. The extensive 360-degree campaign will run across multiple media vehicles and customer touch-points creating awareness about Alexa as voice-based technology that is set to transform the future. The integrated campaign has a series of films that highlight different settings and scenarios in a household and Alexa’s relevance in daily routines of Indian customers.

Amazoncollaborated with Ogilvy India to develop the extensive 360-degree campaign asa category creation exercise and educate customers about the Alexa’s severalskills. The campaign has been developed on the insight that consumers intoday’s hectic lifestyle juggle with multiple priorities and are looking outfor ways to simplify their lives. As the voice-based assistant device segmentis at a nascent stage in India, the campaign will run across multiple channels anddemonstrate the different ways in which Echo devices can help customers withtheir everyday chores. 

The Indianconsumer is abreast with latest developments in technology and is readilyseeking to acquire the latest gadget. The ad film demonstrates how Echo is thetechnology of tomorrow and can instantly fulfil customer’s wishwithout them even lifting a finger. The first ad campaign in the series focuseson two popular customer features – ‘music’ and ‘cricket’. It explores a commonscenario of a family in their home and shows how customers love listening tomusic hands-free and get live cricket scores at home through Alexa in a fun andrelatable manner. 

Echo devicesare voice-controlled speakers designed entirely around your voice—they arealways ready, hands-free, and fast. Alexa is the brain behind Echo devices.Just ask, and Alexa will answer questions, play music, turn the lights on andoff, give sports scores, check the weather, call your friends and family andmore. Amazon Echo with its multiple skills can help customers perform numeroustasks with voice command. All that they have to do is #JustAsk!

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