Kabir Khan and Jitesh Pillai announces the winners of the first ever JIO Filmfare Short Films

The immensely well-received JIO Filmfare Short Films Awards 2017, announced the winners through a Facebook live session. After shortlisting 44 films from over a thousand entries, the best ones will finally get to take the coveted black lady home on the night of the prestigious 62nd JIO Filmfare Awards.

The first of its kind short film awards property was entirely organized on the digital platform and was supported by many from the film fraternity. The best names in the industry, including Karan Johar, Gauri Shinde, Anand Rai, Meghna Gulzar, Vidya Balan, Zoya Akhtar and Kabir Khan were on board as prestigious members of the jury.   Editor of Filmfare, Jitesh Pillai and jury member Kabir Khan unveiled the winners through a Facebook Live announcement yesterday, a first ever for any awards property. The winners who bagged the first JIO Filmfare Short Films Awards 2017 are Jyoti Kapur Das for a gripping short film, 'Chutney' which won two awards under the category of Best Film (Fiction) and Best Actress (Tisca Chopra) respectively. Manoj Bajpai won the ‘Best Actor’ for his character as a constable in 'Taandav'. Prantik Vivek Deshmukh's Marathi short film 'Matitali Kusti' rightfully won the award for Best Film (Non-Fiction). The People’s Choice Award for Best Film, based on public voting through social media, was awarded to 'Khamakha' directed by Aarti S Bagdi, starring Harshvardhan Rane and Manjari Fadnis. On announcing the winners, director and jury member Kabir Khan said, "Short films is a director's medium. Given the duration, it is very rare for an actor to display all your skills and craft on screen for such a small duration. That is why it’s a great platform for upcoming directors. Through short films, we are able to address many more issues which because of certain restrictions are not possible on the big screen. They don't have a box office to worry about and that's something I would like to encourage.” “Filmfare was the first and the only award we ever knew of, growing up. To be able to walk the classic Filmfare ‘Red Carpet’ is a dream this hard-core brought-up-on-Hindi-films kid had. It’s overwhelming that my dream is coming true! Chutney is a film made without any agendas. I didn't expect it to go so viral or to win awards; I just wanted to tell a story engagingly. It's awesome of the jury and of Filmfare to have rewarded that! When the tweets about the awards came out, I couldn’t stop jumping and I know I will still be jumping when I go up to receive that very special Black Lady on January 14th!” said Jyoti Kapur Das on winning Best Film (Fiction) for Chutney."It’s actually an honour for immensely gifted director Devashish Makhija and muvizz.com. I am so happy that Filmfare thought of recognizing the value of short films as a creative platform to showcase ones potential." said Manoj Bajpayee on winning ‘Best Actor’ for Taandav.

“Filmfare isbig, huge, infact. It's synonymous with the history of Indian cinema. There aremany fabulous performances over the years have been highlighted and givenlonger life by this most prestigious of awards. But what makes this extraspecial is that I am winning my first Filmfare for 'Chutney' which produced andco-wrote. And winning for a character that is the opposite of 'heroinematerial' is what shows me that Filmfare is really looking at the art of actingin a bold and modern way. Introducing the category of short films this year isalso a crisp new move. It’s heartening to see that films that have no godfatheror a big studio supporting them are also picked by a firm and fair jury. Thankyou for the award Filmfare. This one is for the keeps!” said TiscaChopra on winning ‘Best Actress’ for Chutney.

“Winning a FilmfareAward at 24 is a dream come true for an aspiring filmmaker like me. This isbeyond my imagination. I hope this film will not only help in revivingtraditional mud wrestling but also in reducing the struggles and the pains ofthe modern day traditional ‘Pehelwans’ (Wrestlers). It will also help insustaining the values and culture of our country. I would like to thankFilmfare for honouring me on such a huge platform. I want to graduate to makingfeature length films some day and the short film format definitely acts as abridge towards that.” said Prantik Vivek Deshmukh on winning Best Film(Non-Fiction) for Matitali Kusti. “Khamakha as an idea came to me because of my husband Arun, when he mentionedhow you end up judging people during your travels by the way they talk, ortheir language or their clothes. Everything that is so external. I decided tostress on a Pride and Prejudice on Languages. Short films are the simplest wayto discover your own voice.  With the revered and extremely loved Filmfarecoming out and recognizing shorts in such a grand way, it’s going to open up atalent flood that will feel extremely liberating!” said, Aarti S. Bagdion winning People’s Choice Award for Best Film – Khamakha.

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