Karle Infra supports AACE to strengthen its presence in India

L-R: Dr. Madhu Pillai, Project Director, Kentz/SNC Lavalin, Mr. Subramanya Sharma, CEO & MD L&T Hydro Carbon, Mr. D K Ojha, Director, Infrastructure and Project Monitoring Division, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, Mr Sankar Subramaniyam, Chair - India Task Force, AACEI, Chandrasekar Rao, Dean L&T IPM

Bangalore, 11th May, 2017 - The global construction sector, expected to cross $15.5 trillion in the next five years, faces many challenges, chief amongst which is the lack of skilled people in finance, management and technical fields. As a KPMG study revealed, India faces a severe lack of project managers, liasoning officers and cost managers who come with adequate skills. India, which is forecast to lead the world, along with China and the US, accounts for 57% of all global growth. It’s worrying, then, that India has very few certified professionals at the helm of the mammoth industry.

Karle Infra,the Bengaluru-based Karle Groups’ Development arm, has taken lead by supportingAACE, a highly respected professional body in the field of Total CostManagement. Together, they will help India to narrow the gap by way ofimparting deep technical skills in Project Management.  With its 8,500members across 100 countries, AACE is one of the most respected professionalbodies in the world. AACE International and IIT Madras jointly hosted a one-dayNational Conference recently, titled “Powering Capital Projects throughEnhanced Cost and Schedule Performance”.  

AACE offersa range of certifications viz., Certified Cost Professional (CCP), CertifiedEstimating Professional (CEP), Certified Forensic Claims Consultant (CFCC),Decision & Risk Management Professional (DRMP), Planning & SchedulingProfessional (PSP), Earned Value Professional (EVP), Certified Cost Technician(CCT) and Certified Scheduling Technician (CST) that have helped thousands oforganisations across the world to save costs and time, improve efficiency, andhelp enhancing employee morale. AACE and Karle Infra have a long and deeprelationship, with the projects head of Karle, Mr. Sankar Subrahmaniyam, is thecurrent Chair – India Task Force and President of South India Section. Twoyears ago, Karle Infra supported AACE launch its India chapter. Together, theyhave been working to get the Indian capital projects sector streamlined. AACE,a non-profit organisation, tried to reach out to corporate and professionalsalike, to see the benefits of their certifications and the impact it can haveon the future billions that they all control. 

The NationalConference was organised with two primary goals, viz. to spread awareness onthe vast categories of certifications that are on offer, and to help companiesget smarter by adopting methodologies that have helped thousands of companiesto turnaround their fortunes.  

An array ofglobal leaders spoke at the conference, highlighting the knowledge that AACEpossesses that can help organizations get more profitable. Chief amongst thesewere Dr. Koshy Verghese (Professor, IIT – Madras), Dr. Nick Lavingia (ProjectManagement Consultant – Chevron), Mr. James Perry (PS Consulting), Mr.Subramanian Sarma (CEO & MD, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd.), Mr.Shankar Narayanan (GM & Head-Strategy and Planning, L&T Construction)and Mr. Jaimin Mehta (Director – Region 8, AACEI). They covered a wide varietyof topics such as Project Controls in India, Excellence in Project and CostManagement, Understanding Total Cost Management (TCM), The Role of the ModernCost Manager and understanding how the AACE certifications help us create leadersfor tomorrow.  

Stressing onthe need for the National Conference, Mr. Sankar Subrahmaniyam, VicePresident - Project Management at Karle Infra said, “Having been inthe business for over 4 decades, we have observed some grave challenges thecapital projects sector in India faces. AACE’s integrated approach toportfolio, program and project management can practically metamorphose ourcompanies. The response at the event has been great, with the who’s who ofIndian Construction Sector here in attendance. We are happy to financiallysupport the AACE National Conference this year and feel it’s our duty asleaders, to give back to the industry that we’ve helped build for 40 years.” 

Said Mr.Philip Tharakan, VP International Regions AACEI, “India is a primeplayer in the world market over the next decade. It has been our aim to get asmany people to get certifications so that they are better equipped to handletheir businesses. Karle has been our well-wisher and their constant support hasbeen a source of great encouragement for us. The National Conference was a hugesuccess and we’re hoping to see a surge in applications this year” 

The Indiangovernment has announced its target investment of INR 25 trillion over the nextthree years. With India’s urban population poised to grow by a staggering 165million by 2030, it’s time we began investing in training our real estateprofessionals. 

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