Karnataka Marwari Samaj to conduct 11th year Free Jaipur Foot Camp

Bengaluru, 07- December- 2017: Karnataka Marwari Samaj in association with Bhagwan Mahaveer Vikalang Sahayata Samiti (Jaipur Foot) is organizing a ‘Free Foot camp for Footless”. In this camp KMS will provide jaipur foot, callipers (for polio affected patients) and crutches for handicapped. It is a clear social vision and commitment to help the disabled regain mobility and dignity by fitting high-quality, durable artificial limbs and other aids and appliances. The measurement camp will be conducted on Sunday 17th December 2017 at Maharaja Agrasen Bhavan, No.340/8, 2nd Cross, 1st Block, Near Ashoka Pillar, Jayanagar, Bengaluru -560011, Time 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The last date for registration will be closed on Saturday 16th December 2017.

As per themeasurement, we will keep it ready and we will distribute it at the same placeon 7th January 2018

‘‘As westood amongst the poorest of the poor in everywhere , some of them coming fromthousands of miles away, we realised this was not just about fitting limbs butalso about restoring dignity to other human beings, and in the process toourselves, for it is in giving that we receive. There may be other places inthe world where compassion is that tangible; it is just that we had not seenany’’. Says Mr. Bimal Kumar Saraogi, Project Director, and Karnataka MarwariSamaj.

Mr.AnilKumar Alampuria, President, Karnataka Marwari Samaj says ‘We are very proud tocontinue our social services every year, so that more and more people can bebenefited’.

Theartificial limbs provided by Karnataka Marwari samaj uses Jaipur LimbTechnology. This technology has been developed and further refined by theresearch and development team of the society. The Jaipur Limb is a one-stopfacility and the patients who come are measured and their custom-madelimb/caliper are fabricated and fitted, without making them visit again asecond time. it is so efficient that after this limb is fitted, a person canwalk like a normal person without a stick or support, and even run, ride abicycle and climb a tree. After the fitment many of the patients can go back towork in the field, factories, shops and offices.

For moreinformation call the following telephone numbers for registration SandeepPoddar / Rinkesh Barolia 9620000244 / 9886521885

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