Karnataka Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association Elects New President

Dr. Sushanth Rai of Raison Nutrition, Mangalore has been elected as the President of the Karnataka Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association (KPFBA) for the term 2019-2021 at the Association’s Annual General Body Meeting held in Bangalore. The other office bearers are Mr. S.N.Raghunath (Vice President); Dr. Anjan Goswami (General Secretary); Dr. H.R.Halambi (Treasurer) and Dr. Arshan Saheed, Mr. Vincent Cutinha, Dr. Bhoopathi, Mr. Prasanna and Mr. Narendra Pasuparthy (Managing Committee members) & Inayath Ulla Khan ( Executivve Secretary).

About Dr Sushanth Rai President - KPFBA & Managing Partner - Raison Nutrition 

Dr. Rai is a Veterinary Graduate from VET College, Bangalore & University Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Science's Bidar. He has been serving the poultry industry for more than two decades and has trained several farmers to establish farms for better living, through continuous technical support and management. 

He has also undergone hands on training on Poultry Breeding, Hatching and Feed Milling Technology at North Carolina State University, USA


Karnataka Poultry Farmers & Breeders Association [KPFBA] is an Apex body, representing Poultry Farmers & Breeders of Karnataka, India. It was established in 1991 to promote the development of poultry breeding and farming in Karnataka, where the occupation is a major activity. The association is registered under the Karnataka Societies Act 1961.

KPFBA aims at providing facilities for exchange of information and opinion of interest to poultry breeding farms and poultry farmers. It believes in the advantages of united action to accomplish goals where individuals will not be in a position to accomplish on their own.

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