Kādu – India’s first ‘Wine for a Cause’

Bangalore, November 8 th, 2017: Kādu, (pronounced Kaa-du) is the first premium wine offering from the Sula’s Karnataka vineyards, India’s leading wine producer. Kādu, meaning “wild” in Kannada – the regional language of Karnataka – is India’s first “Wine for a Cause”. The beautiful label, handiwork of renowned label designer Simon Frouws, depicts a tiger in all its glory in the wild jungle. Karnataka is home to the most wild tigers on the planet in its many reserves. But the majestic beast – India’s national animal – is endangered, with its habitat under threat.

Sula has decided totake up the cause of the magnificent tiger with Kādu. With each bottlesold, Kādu will contribute towards tiger conservation inKarnataka. To ensure the optimum end-use of the funds contributed, Sula iscollaborating with Mud on Boots, the pioneering initiative by the SanctuaryNature Foundation that is designed to empower and support grassrootsconservationists across India.


Kādu was launched byRajeev Samant, Founder and CEO, Sula Vineyards Bengaluru on 6th November.In a bid to mark the grand occasion, Rajeev presented the first Kādu cheque toSanctuary Nature Foundation. Their Mud on Boots project leader Nagaraj willspearhead the project. Speaking of the launch, Rajeev Samant, Founder and CEO, Sula Vineyards, stated, “TheKādu wines are the most significant launch for Sula in the past 10 years. Kāduis our first wholly ‘Made in Karnataka’ wine and we thought it was also theperfect occasion to give something back to a cause we hold very dear – that ofwildlife conservation. It made total sense to choose the tiger as the focus ofKādu and it’s our way of giving a little something back one sip and one glassat a time. Kādu is Sula’s homage to Karnataka as one of India’s most importantwine regions and is the fruit of Sula’s efforts to bring the best fromKarnataka’s terroir to your glass.”


Bittu Sahgal, Founder, Sanctuary Nature Foundation, speaking on theassociation with Kādu, said, “Through the Mud on Boots project, Sanctuaryis empowering a network of grassroots conservationists across the country whoare doing critical but unsung work. With Sula’s support this network nowextends to Bhadra landscape of Karnataka where ProjectLeader Nagaraj isspearheading diverse conservation efforts through collaborations with theforest department, NGOs and local communities.”


Winemaker GorakhGaikwad has crafted Kādu from the choicest premium Karnataka wine grapes toproduce this wonderful “wine for a cause”! Kādu comes in 4 different winevarietals – Kādu Chenin Blanc, Kādu Sauvignon Blanc, Kādu Shiraz Rosé and KāduCabernet Shiraz.

Excited about the launch, Gorakh Gaikwad, Head Winemaker, Kādu said, “Karnatakahas a perfect climate for growing a wide variety of international grapes. Ithas taken the viticulture and winemaking teams a lot of efforts and hard workto get to this! I am really looking forward to the Kannadigas tasting our veryfirst vintage wines Kādu and us raising a toast for a good cause!”


Four delicious Kāduwines in both 750 ml and 375 ml are available in Karnataka.

 ·         KāduChenin Blanc – delicious, slightly sweet, floral and fruity. 750ml: Rs. 625 | 375ml: Rs. 340

·         KāduSauvignon Blanc – delicate aromas and flavours of passion fruit, cut grass andgreen peppers.             750ml: Rs. 675 |375ml:Rs. 365

·         KāduShiraz Rose – light, fruity and full of luscious berry flavours. 750ml: Rs. 650 | 375ml: Rs. 350

·         KāduCabernet Shiraz – lush, medium bodied and peppery with subtle oak. | 750ml: Rs 695 | 375ml:            Rs.37

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