Keysight Launches 5G NR-Ready Solutions Across the Workflow at MWC 2018

Bangalore, March 28, 2018 – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced it will demonstrate the industry’s first 5G 4Ggbs data throughput connection at 28GHz using its 5G mmWave over-the-air (OTA) performance test solution at Mobile World Congress 2018.

The companywill also introduce comprehensive 5G New Radio (NR) signal creation andanalysis software tools, designed to accelerate 5G product design developmentand validation by chipset and device manufacturers.

Semiconductorcompanies building 5G chipsets must accommodate a wide range of new applicationdemands. This means they will need to meet new interface standards and supportexpanded frequencies, lower latencies, and new waveforms. 

“Keysightpartnered early with industry-leading chipset and device makers to deliver acommon set of 5G design and simulation resources that can be used across the 5Gecosystem,” stated Kailash Narayanan, vice president and general manager forKeysight’s wireless device and operators group. “Keysight’s solutions accuratelyemulate the network, measure 5G devices, base stations, and massive subscriberbehavior scenarios, to reduce errors and speed cycle time. Keysight has appliedits expertise in radio frequency, mmWave, protocol and IP networking, todevelop solutions that enable chipset makers to master the complexities of 5Gand quickly innovate, transform, and win in the market.” 

Keysight 5G solutions for Chipset and Device Manufacturers

At MWC 2018,Keysight will demonstrate the industry’s first 5G 4Gbps data throughput at28GHz with the company’s 5G network emulator integrated with mmWave OTAsolutions for radio frequency, functional and performance test.

In addition,Keysight announced, and will demonstrate, unique 5G NR readyend-to-end device workflow solutions which streamline the productworkflow from early prototyping and development to design validation andmanufacturing. These solutions leverage common development tools to eliminatesiloed data sets and share design insights gained across each stage of thedevice lifecycle. As a result, chipset and device manufacturers can acceleratedelivery of new 5G NR products to market.

Keysight also enables the deviceecosystem to cost-effectively perform 5G mmWave device validation and rampearly production with the company’s 5G non-signaling mmWave transceiver solution, which covers28GHz and 39GHz frequency bands. Demonstrated at MWC, it enables manufacturersto move from R&D to design verification test (DVT) and manufacturing whenramping up 5G chipsets and devices. It also offers flexible and easy set up for5G mmWave test scenarios with multiple devices under test using to the latest5G NR standard. 

In addition, Keysight will demonstrate the industry’s firstcommercially available 5G NR software solutions covering the full productdesign cycle with simulation, signal creation and analysis, with uplink anddownlink directions, enabling both transmitter and receiver simulation andtest. Keysight’s softwaresolutions are compliant with the 3GPP Release 15 TS 38 5G specification and areintegrated with Keysight’s broad range of signal generators and signalanalyzers, including 5G NR software solutions

Earlyavailability of Keysight’s 5G NR-ready software solutions enable chipset anddevice manufacturers to simulate, prototype and validate physical layerimplementations of 5G NR-ready chipsets and devices with greater insight andconfidence, accelerating market readiness. Keysight solutions include W1906EPSystemVue 5G baseband verification library to simulate5G NR signals, N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR for waveformcreation, as well as 89600 VSA option BHN for 5G NR modulation analysis andN9085E 5G NR X-Series measurement applications software for 5G NR signalanalysis for design and test. 

Keysightwill also demonstrate the industry’s first integrated cellular + Wi-Fi protocolverification solution, which enables network operators tosimultaneously test cellular and Wi-Fi cellular signaling, from data trafficgeneration to physical transmission, from layers 1 to 7. This comprehensivetesting enables network equipment manufacturers to verify the interoperabilityof devices in licensed and unlicensed spectrums while significantly reducingtime-to-market. 

Servicesacross the 5G ecosystem

Testdepartments are being pressured to do more with less. The days of operatingwith a spreadsheet and gut feel on how test assets are being utilized are nolonger sustainable. 

Keysightunderstands these pressures and is introducing Test Asset Optimization Services to help companiesmove from tracking to gaining full control over their test equipment.Keysight’s integrated solution delivers real-time test-asset utilization,equipment health status, and overall recommendations on areas forsavings.  This powerful, industry first, solution provides actionabletransparency on multi-brand test assets that enable companies to make informeddecisions on current and future procurement needs.  Keysight is offering afree assessment on how TestAsset Optimization Services can unlock hidden costs for allorganizations across the 5G ecosystem.

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