Kidney Failure Caused Over 1.3 Lakh Deathsin India

Gurgaon, 9th March 2018: While chronic kidney disease is the 17th leading cause of global deaths, it is the 8th leading cause of death in India. In a span of 10 to 15 years, deaths due to kidney failure has doubled in India, with an estimation of over 1.3 lakh deaths in the age group of 15 to 69 years in 2015.

As one of the majorand growing reasons of early death in India, kidney disease is slowing becominga national concern.  “People with kidney failure are left with twooptions. Either they can go for dialysis or kidney transplant. Unfortunately,we see about 150-200 patients with kidney failure in a month. We also seeapproximately 200-250 new cases of CKD in our hospital on a monthly basis,which gives an idea of the number of cases we might encounter in future. Thereis an urgent need to have active awareness campaigns focusing around kidneyhealth and kidney diseases, so that the burden on dialysis and need fortransplant reduces. It is very unfortunate for patients who want to opt fortransplant but do not get a donor, and thereby have to be put on dialysismeanwhile.”Said Dr. P N Gupta, Chief of Nephrology, Paras Hospitals Gurgaon

So what could beleading to increased incidence of failing kidneys? Kidney failures are mostcommonly caused by various health problems that damage kidneys. These includediabetes, hypertension, various infections that cause chronicinflammation ofkidneys, chronic interstitial nephritis, and formation of renal stones, to namea few.

“Multiple healthconditions and diseases can lead to kidney failures. Other than bacterial andviral infections, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension are theforemost reasons for kidney failures. Being one of the leading nations with highnumber of patients suffering from these diseases, the chances of kidneyinfections are high in the country. Only in Gurgaon, around 20 to 22% peopleare obese, which is the primary factor for causing diabetes and hypertension.In fact around 20% of Gurgaon men suffer from hypertension. Other healthconditions like loss of blood flow due to various factors such as heart attack,cardiovascular issues, liver failure, dehydration, infections like sepsis,hypertension and anti-inflammatory medication, all can lead to kidney failure.”

Amongst othercauses, problems related to urine elimination affect kidneys badly. Colon,cervical, and bladder cancers block passage of flow of urine, causingirrepairable damage to kidneys. Other conditions include kidney stones, damageto nerves linked with bladder control, and blood clots in urinarytract.  Drugs, smoking, and alcohol consumption aggravates most ofthese conditions and the damage to the organ.

It is important tobe aware of the gamut of conditions that lead to kidney failure becausediseases related to kidney are infamous for progressing slowlyand underlying amajor condition. The disease starts revealing symptoms at a later stage.Therefore, any of the overall conditions if already ailing an individual shouldbe an alert for getting periodic tests done to check the health of these vitalorgans. 

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