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Bengaluru : 5th May 2017 KMF Nandini is a most trusted and loved milk brand of India. KMF which holds the Nandini brand is the second highest producer of milk in the country. KMF’s ‘Nandini’ brand of Milk products is legendary and the variety is unbeatable. The position KMF Nandini brand’s hold on the minds of people has not come about suddenly. It has taken decades of dedication and hard work from KMF to reach there. KMF has evolved over the years as a forward looking and people oriented organization. It has always kept itself ahead of the curve. As continuation of this evaluation KMF is stepping into the next level of reaching the hearts of people by coming online. In tune with the changed ethos of the market place KMF is entering the e-commerce era. KMF would like to be a significant partner of people in the emerging ‘Digital India’.

Witha view to reach out to the generation ‘Y’, KMF has come out with the concept of‘eDairy’.  You can now afford to get allthe sought after ‘Nandini’ Milk products to your door steps just by a click ofthe button. You can not only get WHAT you want, to WHERE you want but also WHENyou want. Through KMF eDairy, you can order all that you want from the ‘Nandini’stable and schedule the delivery according to your convenience. The techie orworking women or elderly couple can fetch all their favorite ‘Nandini’ Milkproducts from the comfort of their homes by ordering online and scheduling thedelivery time through eDairy. They can rest assured that the same trustedquality of ‘Nandini’ products will be delivered through the online e-commerceplatform of KMF: eDairy.

Atthe beginning e-Dairy has its stock points across the Bangalore City and lateron it will be expanded to entire state, conveniently located close to thedestination of delivery.  The delivery isscheduled twice a day ie., morning and evening. The stock points take care topreserve and deliver the Milk products to the end customers efficiently.  The staff of eDairy, including the deliveryboys, is easily identifiable with their uniform and ID tags. They are trainedto be not only efficient but also courteous to the patrons of KMF Nandiniproducts. 

e-Dairy portal has provision toorder KMF ‘Nandini’ Milk products in bulk. The corporates for their Canteens, celebrations or gifting purposes canconveniently order their requirements online and schedule the delivery at theirdoor steps.  Likewise, bulk buyers likeCaterers, PG owners, Hostel wardens, persons in charge of community.

feedingin religious or social organizations and big families can conveniently procureall that they require at a time most convenient to them.

eDairy portal can beaccessed  from any Android device; a PDA,Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. The Portal is simple to handle and easy to use. The platform is robustand secure.  It is also made highlyavailable.  Payment is through a reliableand secured gateway. There is a tool free helpline for your use and a callcenter facility. You can directly access the portal through the social medialike; Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

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