KNOLSKAPE unveils Kognitix, a next-gen Game-based assessment solution for Talent Management

Bangalore, Friday, July 21, 2018: KNOLSKAPE, an end-to-end learning and assessment platform for accelerated employee development, unveils Kognitix, the next-gen neuroscience-based Games suite for cognitive assessments. This new inclusion into KNOLSKAPE’s Virtual Assessment solutions is a fun and an engaging way to hire talent as well as manage and assess the existing workforce without compromising on the robustness of traditional assessments.

Leading researchers in the field of neuroscience and cognitive psychology have time and again established the link between cognitive abilities & high-performance on the job. Cognitive abilities refer to the capacity to perform higher mental processes, like reasoning, thinking, learning, problem-solving, paying attention, etc. And in the age of Digital BLUR™ where digitization and digitalization are challenging the traditional way of accomplishing tasks in a rigid manner, it is imperative for the fluid workforce to stimulate their cognitive skills. The games under the Kognitix assessment suite assess a host of key cognitive abilities & traits that are critical to steer past the digital age, like Risk Appetite, Mental Agility, Attention, Speed, Response Inhibition, Cognitive Flexibility, Memory, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Planning, etc.

Do play Zombie Flush, one of the Kognitix neuro-game – it measures Problem Solving ability:

Do note that Kognitix can be played on mobile or laptop or tab. No installation required. Preferable to put device sound on. A detailed report can be accessed post the gameplay.

Kognitix games are designed to be highly engaging and enable peak candidate performance in a stress-free environment. Each game is short (about 5 mins of gameplay), is super-lightweight (under 5 MB in size) and can be played across various devices – be it laptop or tablet or mobile handset. A short gameplay session captures multiple data points and provides a rich candidate profile report instantly. These games are based on neuroscience research & experiments that have been carried out in institutions and sociology labs over last few decades and it has been developed ground up in Bangalore. To develop the games, KNOLSKAPE works with its in-house Industrial Organizational Psychologists and global consultants.

Commenting on the need to integrate gamification in assessment tools Vijay Kalangi, Co-Founder, and Chief Technology Officer, KNOLSKAPE said “Employing gamified assessment tools for talent management and talent acquisition not only help in identifying key skills of an employee but can also positively impact employee behavior. The neuro science based digital games are devoid of any human biases, helping the employee to weigh his strengths and weaknesses in a stress-free environment.”

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