Know Your Leaders for #KarnatakaElections2018 with Twitter

Growing interest in state politics on Twitter as conversations related to the Karnataka Election more than doubled in the past month

India,May 5, 2018: As the upcoming election in the state of Karnataka captures the attentionof the country, Twitter is the best place to see what’shappening in the state election and to engage in conversations between citizensand candidates. Tweets related to the Karnataka elections was more than doublethan in the previous month, indicative of developing civic-mindedness on theplatform. 

As theelection campaigning kicks off, Twitter is launching several initiatives forIndians to provide real-time updates on the campaign trail, connect voters topoliticians on the most important election issues, and to have their voicesheard during the #KarnatakaElections2018

class="MsoNormal">#AskTheLeaderQ&A series on Twitter

Twitter hascollaborated with The News Minute (@TheNewsMinute) to host an #AskTheLeader seriesof interviews with election candidates, allowing citizens to get to know theirleaders better and get answers to their queries with regard to the prioritiesfor the state. People can Tweet to @TwitterIndia and @TheNewsMinute usingthe following hashtags #KarnatakaElections2018 and  href="" target="_blank">#AskTheLeader tojoin the conversation and be heard.

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