Kokuyo Camlin co-hosts ‘Hichki Teachers Award’

Mumbai, 26th February, 2018: Kokuyo Camlin Ltd, the premier stationery brand has associated with Yash Raj Films’ upcoming Hindi movie ‘Hichki’ to host ‘Hichki Teachers Award’ and felicitate over 300 teachers from more than 250 schools in Mumbai. Lead actress of the movie, Rani Mukerji honoured these teachers at a glittering ceremony held at Yash Raj Films Studios.

There werespecial screenings of the movie organized for the school teachers who are noless than stars in real life. They all have stood triumphant against some kindof physical disability/challenge and emerged as winners drawing close parallelsto the protagonist in the movie – Naina Mathur, a happy-go-lucky woman with anever-say-die attitude who wants to become a teacher. Her only impediment isthat she suffers from Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterizedby repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations calledtics. The movie celebrates the self-belief, the resilience of human spirit andhope, as Naina triumphs over intimidation and desolation to make her dream cometrue. Kokuyo Camlin undertook the activation drives across schools.

SaumitraPrasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin said, “Our brand Camlin enjoys avery strong connect with teachers who are an extremely crucial facet of anysociety and play a very significant role in the formative years of a child. Thewhole initiative to co-host ‘Hichki Teachers Award’ is our small way ofexpressing gratitude to those teachers who have overcome barriers themselves toserve as role models for the students to look upto. Given the story line I amsure the movie will do well and inspire a lot of people in overcomingchallenges in their respective life.”

Manan Mehta,VP Marketing and Merchandising, Yash Raj Films said, “Our endeavour with thisinitiative was primarily to recognise this humble profession of teaching andsecondly to show our film first to this noble teacher’s community and get tounderstand what they felt after watching it. We are delighted to share that themovie was very well-received by the 319 school teachers and principalsrepresenting 250 plus schools. they shared they could relate it to their ownstruggles in life and were all the more thrilled on being felicitated by thefilm’s actress Rani Mukerji. The teachers came out feeling more empowered andtouched after watching the movie.”

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