Komori Corporation Forays Into India Business

New Delhi, April 21, 2018: In a move to strengthen its footprints in India, Komori Corporation Ltd., a Japan-based leader in offset presses, Digital press, PESP products and banknote/security presses commences its India journey; establishes India subsidiary, Komori India Pvt. Ltd. Earlier, the company was operating in India through its sole distributor INSIGHT Group.

Komori isalready a market leader in India through INSIGHT group with a market share ofover 40%. Furthermore, through this move, Komori plans to strengthen and scaleits operations even further in India and sub-continent. In a bid to have astrategic hold in the Indian market, the company will be introducing customizedprinting presses suitable for Indian market. 

Komori isalso amongst the top 2 companies worldwide, who is involved with currencyprinting for many countries including Indian Rupee and isundisputedly amongst the world’s largest companies manufacturing offset pressesfor various applications of commercial printing like brochures, calendars,books, high-quality magazine publications and packaging printing like cosmeticboxes, liquor boxes, pharma boxes etc. 

“With thelaunch of India office, Komori aims to strengthen and enhance Komori’s presencein India and nearby countries. We are very excited to start our Indiaoperations. With the India footprint, we’ll be able to provide the world-classquality and strong support to aid the Indian market. We will use the best ofglobal and local processes to provide the highest value to our customers andmaximize the customers benefit”, quoted Hirofumi Hoshino, Managing Director,Komori India Pvt. Ltd. 

With theacquisition of Insight’s Komori division, Komori India will continue to retainall the employees of Insight in its new team and this will help in ensuringabsolute continuity with the existing sales and service activities.

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