KOOFIT launches new Outdoor Gym Equipment at Mahalakshmi Layout

17th JUNE 2017: Bangalore: Koochie Play Group Pvt Ltd, present their new product line ‘KooFIT’ – the revolutionary state of the art outdoor gym equipment for Bangalore in Mahalakshmi Layout. This equipment was showcased at a gathering held atPipeline Park, Mahalakshmi Layout on 16th June 2017 along with three other public parks in the presence of Shri. Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji (Head of Adichunchanagiri Math), Mrs. G. Padmavathi (Honorable Mayor of Bangalore) Mr. K. Gopalaiah (Honorable MLA of MAHALAKSHMI LAYOUT, Karnataka State as a member of Janata Dal) and Bhadre Gowda (BBMP Councilor of BBMP)

KOOCHIE, theglobal provider of Outdoor Fitness Equipment, designs specialized sports andexercise equipment that can be used by people across all age groups, withvarying abilities, to develop strength, flexibility and a well-balanced andcoordinated training schedule that will systematically target all their musclegroups. These units are scientifically engineered to ensure that one’s own bodyweight is used as resistance, thereby greatly reducing the chance of injuries. 

This year,nine additional parks will receive KOOCHIE outdoor fitness gyms under theinitiative #GetFitIndia, an effort by Koochie Global to not only let childrenenjoy themselves through outdoor activities but also enable adults to livehealthier lives by exercising outdoors using equipment that is speciallydesigned & engineered for specifically these purposes. 

Roben Dass,Chairman & Managing Director of Koochie Global, says: “Improving health andfitness is a vitally important factor in enhancing one's quality of life. Todaymost non-communicable diseases stem from the lack of exercise and this, inturn, stems from the lack of free and easily accessible infrastructure. Obesitytoday is a global epidemic and needs to be addressed urgently. We need toprovide easily accessible fitness parks that the public can use in everyneighborhood, which will encourage people to get out and exercise and thus GetFIT. It is also a key focus area of current government initiatives in mostwestern countries as they are investing in many such fitness parks for thepublic as these are proven to have long-term benefits by way of its humanresources getting fit and healthier and also great savings in long-term publichealth expenditures. 

Outdoor gymfacilities have become popular throughout India as well over the last fewyears, spreading the culture and accessibility of reaching one’s health goals.What Koochie Play aims to do is ensure the rise of such facilities in a safeand inclusive manner to all citizens.

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