KPIT launches crowdsourcing contest “KPIT BetterWorld”

Pune, November 28, 2017: KPIT (BSE: 532400; NSE: KPIT), a global technology company specializing in product engineering and IT consulting, announced today the launch of its global crowdsourcing contest “KPIT BetterWorld” to develop technologies to counter environmental challenges. The initiative supports the company’s commitment to creating a cleaner, greener, and intelligent world through technology and recognizing the next-generation innovators.

“KPIT BetterWorld” invitestech students, start-ups, tech-boutiques, and scientific associations fromacross the world to present ideas that have the potential to make awide-reaching and positive impact on the environment in the areas of energy,water, air, among others. Innovators can either propose new ideas or engineertheir existing solutions or technologies that meet the needs of developingnations and are cost-effective, economically viable, and scalable.

KPIT willwork with its network of social organizations, NGOs, and government entitiesfor implementation of the solutions in different parts of the country.

RaviPandit, Co-founder, Chairman & Group CEO, KPIT said “With our credo as a technologycompany that cares about the environment, through the “KPIT BetterWorld”initiative we want to seek answers to some of the pertinent ecologicalchallenges in the country from innovators around the world. We are proposing acrowdsourcing model addressing locally-relevant themes that add up to create asignificant impact in the environment that we live. We believe that technologyenthusiasts and inventors will find it a compelling platform to see their ideastransition into valuable contributions to our communities.”

“KPITBetterWorld” will aim to address a new set of challenges in every edition. Thetheme of the first edition is water, which will focus on finding solutionsaround extracting water from thin air and measuring groundwater stock andsurface water flow.

Why thespotlight on water extraction from thin air and groundwater conservation?

Limitedaccess to fresh and clean drinking water

Today,only 0.007% of the planet's water is available to fuel and feed its 6.8 billionpeople, according to National Geographic. The problem further compounds asaccess to clean water is reduced either due to contamination of the groundwateror scarcity of rains. It calls for immediate solutions to meet the need of pureand safe drinking water that does not depend on rainfall and groundwater. Whilewater exists in our atmosphere, its level is generally too low for conventionalmethods to pull out.

While peopleacross the globe have experimented with various technologies like fogharvesting, usage of permeable meshes, cloths made up of hydrophilic material,metal-organic framework (MOF), zeolites, etc., to attract water produced fromthe thin atmospheric air, “KPIT BetterWorld” competition will seekcost-effective and production-ready solutions using similar or new technologiesto generate water from thin air and distribute it for populations affected bydraught or pollution across the country.

Shrinkinggroundwater reserves

Indeveloping countries such as India, about 80% of farm water and 50% of urbanwater needs are fulfilled by groundwater, resulting in its acute shortage.

There isa need for affordable solutions that can measure the ground and surface waterlevels efficiently, and in turn, provide the insights for formulating the rightpolicies and practices for managing and sustaining groundwater. Groundwaterlevel measurement not only tells how shallow or deep the water table is, butalso helps in understanding groundwater movement, changes in the water level ofan aquifer, and long-term changes.

Themeasurement technology available today is either very basic or expensive. Atthe same time, there is a dearth of solutions for recharging in the realrecharge areas, leading to depletion in the water levels.

Toparticipate in the first edition, applicants will have to submit theirnominations by 31st March 2018. A jury consisting of noted academicians,subject matter experts, and leaders from across industries will be evaluatingthe ideas. The winners will be announced and felicitated in May 2018.

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