Kratos’19 - National Level Technical Symposium @ Easwari Engineering College

Chennai 13th, February 2019: Today, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Association of Computer Engineers of Easwari Engineering College organized a National Level Technical Symposium Kratos’19. The chief guest Mr.Shyam Sundar Nagarajan, CEO , GoFloaters, Chennai inaugurated the symposium.

Around 700 students from various colleges across the country attended the offline events and over 1000 entries were received for online events conducted in the past 2 weeks.

During the inauguration Mr.Shyam Sundar Nagarajan, CEO , GoFloaters, Chennai, said " about "Blockchain for Humanity" and the difference it can make in the world if used effectively and to its full power. He started by giving an introduction to Blockchain and what the hype around it is. He outlined the major human problems Blockchain can solve which are - Identity, Equality, Transparency, Asset Ownership, Conflict Resolution and Trust. A simple example on how Blockchain can change the world for the better can be seen in money transfers. What takes 4 days to finish now will get over in around 10 minutes with the help of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

He completed his speech by motivating the audience to think about the problems they want to solve and understand them. Join a company that solves these problems or else, start your own. The speech was followed by a question answer session.

The event ended with valedictory function by 3.30pm. Prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners of various technical and non-technical events.

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