Kruzr, a smart driving assistant promoted by Indian techies launches operations in the US & UK

Bangalore, 8th August 2017: Kruzr,positioned as the world’s first technology powered smartdriving assistantlaunches their operations in the United States and United Kingdom, to address the problem of increasing number of deaths and accidents resulting from mobile phone usage while driving. Kruzr, a startup promoted by Co-founders Pallav Singh and Dinesh Fatehpuriawas conceptualized and designed on the principle of ‘safety first’ when it comes to driving.

The smart app that leverages multipletechnologies including pattern recognition, machine learning, natural languageprocessing etc activates when one starts driving. The app then automaticallymanages incoming calls and messages to the owner (driver) with the personalizedbot interacting and alerting inbound callers that one is driving at the momentand hence can leave a message for deferred attention.

Adds PallavSingh, Cofounder, “The per capita adoption of cars in the United Statesalone averages close to 800 as opposed to India which is around 167. This largeadoption coupled with the heightened awareness of driving safety in thesemarkets provides ample opportunity for a product like Kruzr. Team Kruzr havealso taken into account the high speeds in which cars are driven in the West,increasing the probability of accidents and collateral damage.” 

According to a recent report in the US with regards to driving and accidents:

·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         74% of drivers support a ban on hand-held cell phone use.

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