Kutchina launches exclusive outlet in Bangalore

Bangalore, 15th May ’17: Kutchina, India’s first holistic kitchen solutions brand today launched their first exclusive outlet in Bangalore. Mr. Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina, addressed the media on the occasion and shared the brand’s achievements, growth and expansion plans for the city and region. The occasion was graced by the presence of renowned actress of the Kannada film industry, Ms. Sharmiela Mandre.

Left to right : Kannada film Actress , Ms. Sharmiela Mandre  & Mr. Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina .

Thesprawling store is strategically located in BM Arcade, Kadugodi, and is spreadacross an area of 1400 sq ft. The store will showcase a wide range of modularkitchens of international standard apart from a range of auto clean chimneysand other kitchen appliances like hobs, water purifiers, dish washersetc.

Speakingto the media about the launch Mr. Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina, said, Our aim is to transform the cooking scenarioin Indian kitchens and make it a lifestyle experience. We have witnessedchanging preferences and increasing demand for our products everywhere and withthis we aim at an aggressive expansion in South India.  We are continuously striving to offer betterproducts and make contemporary Indian cooking a lifestyle experience.”


A market leader in the kitchenappliances segment, Kutchina has always introduced its consumers withappliances with the most advanced technology packed with thoughtful features.

chimney,hobs, modular kitchens, water purifiers, dish washers etc which has set itapart from the other brands in the segment.


 Kutchina Modular Kitchens

Themodular kitchens have been designed to meet modern Indian needs. The technologyand the style used in the kitchens are in keeping with the contemporary internationalstandard. The focus is on making Indian cooking an effortless experience. Hence,special emphasis is laid on the ergonomics while designing the kitchens formaintaining the correct posture of the cook and ease of cooking. Space is usedintelligently, utilizing each nook and corner for storage. Built-in chimneysensure a smoke free kitchen. The accessories used are from Hettich, usingsuperior technology to ensure smooth functioning of the utilitarian baskets andnoiseless operation.

 Kutchina AutoClean Chimney

The auto clean technology withfilter-free oil collection system is a dynamic concept conforming to industrialstandards with a combination of modern technology and innovation. The latest inthis regard is the 3rd generation Dry auto – clean chimney which isthe evolution from soap water fed auto clean technology to dry auto cleantechnology, wherein, a single push of a switch is good enough to clean thechimney automatically and deposit the dirt in the oil collectors. The mostsought after model in the 3rd generation category is the ultramodernand elegantly designed chimney which now comes with a LCD monitor. This audiovisual communication device can play all your movies; music videos and can alsoconnect to your satellite box to view television giving a new experience ofsmokeless, noiseless, hygienic and entertaining ambience in the kitchen whichis much more enjoyable and fun.


Kutchina Hobswith Timer

Whilethe kitchen chimneys eliminate the hassle of cleaning thefilter manually, the range of hobs come with timer control. Not only will itsave time but will also give your kitchen an ultra modern and sophisticatedlook. With designer knobs and brass construction in burners to avoid melting,these hobs work on both LPG & NG gas. 

Kutchina Antioxidant RO

Continuing to introduce the countrywith technological marvels in kitchen appliances, Kutchina also boasts of awide range of water purifiers with unique features- AutoClean, Back wash andAntioxidant candles.

After years of research anddevelopment, Kutchina introduced yet another marvel from its stable- waterpurifiers with antioxidant technology. Drinking water should be free ofarsenic, iron, mercury, lead, fluoride, nitrate and pesticides but at the sametime, water which is best for our body must be hydrating, anti-oxidizing anddetoxifying. The antioxidant technology in Kutchina RO water purifiers ensureall this.



Aftera decade of delivering Quality, Innovation and a wide range of appliances inthe Indian market, Kutchina has become one of the leading Kitchen Appliancesbrand in India today. The company has excelled in providing energy efficientproducts –Chimneys, Hobs, Dishwasher, Built in Microwave Oven, Built in Ovenand Water Purifier. After establishing its dominance in the Eastern Indiamarket, Kutchina has now set its eyes to conquer the rest of country aswell.  Expanding options further,Kutchina has now forayed in to the Kitchen Interiors and launched modularkitchens with state of art design and functionality. Kutchina products stormedthe market with its energy-efficiency, low maintenance and advanced functionalinnovations like the Auto Clean Technology, which it pioneered in Chimneys,Auto Timers in Hobs etc.  The Companyowns service centres, all across India and has centralized customer-carecenters with a National toll free number, Stringent and prompt maintenance andassistance policy for all customer enquiries with the best response timestandards. Numerous accolades won by Brand Kutchina bear testimonial to thecompany’s excellence it has built in the industry is a matter of years. This isfurther substantiated with a large, satisfied customer base and loyal employeestrength of over a thousand employees.

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