Kutchina launches their latest range of water purifiers PURE FLO

December 2018 - Kutchina, one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of kitchen appliances & modular kitchens in India, has recently introduced another innovative product. Kutchina has launched a revolutionary range of water purifiers “PURE FLO” with advanced antioxidant technology.

A typical urban Indian diet is acidic and it tends to gain and hold on to the fat, age quicker than we should, contract diseases and viruses and we have lack of energy. The human body is an amazing creation with a sensitive chemical balance. The right balance builds a strong resistant immune system. It disposes off fat. The skin, bones and cells regenerate, keeping the body youthful. But how do we get this balance?  

In an average adult human, about 60% of the body is water. Water carries, distributing essential nutrients to cells and removes waste products from the body. So we all know how important it is to drink enough water and stay hydrated every day, but drinking the right kind of water could make an incredible difference to your health, energy and vitality. Can you imagine how great you would feel if you could drink something that had more antioxidants than green tea all day, every day? Imagine how vibrant you would be if you were getting 3-4 litres of antioxidant-rich fluids every day.

Kutchina has always excelled in bringing the most advanced technology in their products. From auto clean chimney to hobs with timers. The new range of purifiers also come with few unparallel features like Back wash, Auto Clean, Digital display, UV problem indication, Filter service indicator and antioxidant to make our lives hassle free. 

After years of research and development, Kutchina brings us a solution to these questions. It’s time to detoxify and energize your body with the latest range of Kutchina ‘PURE FLO’ Water purifiers. Drinking water should be free of arsenic, iron, mercury, lead, fluoride, nitrate and pesticides but at the same time, water which is best for our body must be hydrating, anti-oxidizing and detoxifying. The antioxidant technology in Kutchina water purifiers ensure all this.

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