Landmark Group launches Click & Collect and Returns to Store in India

Bangalore: November 30th, 2017 – Landmark Group, one of the leading retail and hospitality conglomerates in the Middle East and India, has launched Click & Collect and Returns to Store in India. These two thoughtful new Omni-Channel features are available to customers on, and, as well as their Android and iPhone apps. These customer-focused initiatives represent the latest step in the Group’s journey towards providing a complete, simple and convenient Omni-Channel experience for its millions of customers in India.

“We'rethrilled to announce the launch of Click & Collect and Returns to Store forour millions of customers in India!” says Savitar Jagtiani, Chief DigitalOfficer, Landmark Group. “These two features have proven to be extremelypopular in the UAE where up to 33% of total orders are fulfilled via Click& Collect while Returns to Store accounts for over 35% of total onlinereturns. Our goal is to make shopping simpler, faster and more delightful forour customers, regardless of whether they choose to shop from our stores, sitesor apps.” 

The first ofthese features, Click & Collect, allows customers to shop and pay for theirorders online and then collect their products in-store. The Group has leveragedits vast store network in India to ensure that customers will be able tocollect their orders from over 230 stores across the country. Orders will beready for collection in 1-4 business days, depending on the location of thestore, and can be held in-store for the customer up to 14 days. 

Click & Collectis already a popular feature in more evolved retail markets. According toIRUK Top 500, 58% of the UK’s top 500 retailers now offer Click & Collect,while Planet Retail states that over 75% of the country’s online shoppers areexpected to use the feature by the end of 2017. Many top traditional retailersin the US have also adopted Click & Collect. Gartner reported that by 2015,the service was offered by 45% of large firms with an annual revenuegreater than USD 3 billion. 

Benefits forcustomers include zero shipping charges and the flexibility of collecting theirproducts from a location of their choosing. Max online shoppers can collecttheir products from the Max store they’ve selected, Lifestyle customers canselect a Lifestyle store, while Home Centre’s online customers enjoy the easeof collecting from either a Home Centre standalone store or a combinedLifestyle and Home Centre store. As a bonus, upon collection, customers willreceive a voucher for a discount on their next in-store purchase. 

The secondOmni-Channel feature, Returns to Store, allows customers to easily return theironline orders in-store within 30 days of receiving the products. Maxcustomers can take their products back to a Max store, Lifestyle customers to aLifestyle store, and Home Centre shoppers can return their orders either to aHome Centre standalone store, or a combined Lifestyle and Home Centre store. 

One bigadvantage customers enjoy with Returns to Store is that they can receive aninstant cash refund if they’ve paid for their order by Cash on Delivery. Ifnot, they’ll receive a refund to their card, bank account or wallet, dependingon their payment method. Alternatively, whatever their payment method,customers can also opt for a credit note which they can use to shop online. Therefund will be initiated as soon as their returns have been checked in-store. 

The Group’spriority was ensuring that both features are not only useful but alsoconvenient. For customers to pick up their orders, all they need to do is headto the Collection Point in their chosen store and show their government-issuedphoto ID. To make a return in-store, customers just need to remember to includeall tags and their invoice when they hand over their returns to the store staffat the Collection Point. 

The Landmark Group’s foray into E-commerce in Indiabegan in January 2016 with, which was replaced by two separatebrand sites and apps for Lifestyle and Max in January 2017 and expanded toinclude Home Centre in August 2017. Over the next three years, the company aimsto grow its E-commerce business significantly, through continued focus oninnovation, by actively rolling out new features and improvements and bystrengthening its Omni-Channel commitment.

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