Large Head articulation- Avoid Dislocation and provide Dual Mobility

Advancements in the medical field have largely succeeded in providing relief to patients on many counts. However, the recipients of hip replacement surgery have not been enjoying life due to restricted activity and the inherent risk of dislocation of the artificial hip joint. That is now passé. A much better alternative to the existing techniques has arrived.

Dr. SanjayAgarwala  Chief ofSurgery, Head of Orthopaedics & Traumatology, P.D. Hinduja NationalHospital said,“Large Head articulation is an advanced and effective total hip replacementoperation for treating diseased hip joints. Much superior to the conventionalhip replacement operation, in this there is minimal bone removal surgery withmetal-on-metal replacement components, and allows faster recovery of patientsand provides greater mobility, unlike conventional operation. In short, thequality of life of the patient increases substantially after this surgery.”Only the surfaces that are affected by the disease are resurfaced and not the entirehip which results in bone stock preservation making it an ideal option foryounger patients who outlive their first arthroplasty operation and oftenrequire a second surgery.   

 Further explaining the benefits, Dr. Agarwala added, “As against the conventionalhip replacement surgery, this surgery is suitable for young and active patientsalso. One of the major advantages of this advanced surgery is that it isespecially suitable for Indian conditions, like the sitting cross legged,squatting, or even using the Indian W.C. Also, the activity of the patient isnot restricted after surgery, as there is hardly any risk of dislocation. It issafe for patients to indulge in full sporting activities such as Judo andSquash without risking dislocation.” 

With an overall 99% success rate, the surgery has alonger implant life time, more than 10 years. This is especially due to theproprietary metal components used that have low wear rates. 

 Explaining the revolutionary surgery’s procedure and advantages Dr.Agarwala said, “The metal-on-metal total hip prostheses have been introduced asan alternative bearing system to metal on polyethylene. The metal-on-metaltotal hip joints have bearing surfaces and usually have ball components withlarger diameter. The advantage of such large diameter construction is that suchtotal hip joint has lower risk of dislocation.”  

 Just two of these patients who have had this surgery, talk about thechange in their lives subsequent to surgery.  One is Mr. Carl Borges,from Mumbai and Mr. Jayesh Kumar from Mehsana who feel that this surgery hasrestored normalcy into their lives having lived with pain for many months andyears.

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