Launch of Double Horse “Coconut Milk & Virgin Coconut Oil” in Bangalore Actress Shobana

From Left to Right: Director-Mr Joe Ranji, Padma Shri Miss. Shobana, Manjilas Group MD Mr. Vinod Manjila and GM-Sales & Marketing- Mr. Sunil P. Krishnan

Bangalore, 08th Jan, 2019: For close to 6 decades, Manjilas “DOUBLE HORSE“ has been in the mainstream providing  food products, packed with highly nutritional and quality ingredients. Being a lead player in the national and international market, DH has always strived to come up with food products that are tasty, healthy and convenient. Double Horse is now adding two more unique skus’ - Double Horse “Coconut Milk 200 ml and Virgin Coconut oil 250 ml“.

Coconut milk is a highly nutritional fluid extracted from grated coconut kernel (white meat found inside the coconut). Coconut milk has become a new elixir and is gaining popularity due to the fact that it provides nourishment to hair and skin. In addition to its nutrients and awesome taste, coconut milk usage aids in managing blood sugar levels and weight loss. Coconut Milk is lactose free and hence can be used as a milk substitute by those with Lactose intolerance and allergies.

Double Horse Coconut milk: Double horse uses high quality coconuts procured from the genuine farmers and state of the art machineries to produce this fresh and pure coconut milk. This is a sterilised product and hence can have a longer shelf life unless and until it is opened. Coconut Milk, being an inevitable ingredient in almost all food recipes of Kerala and other cuisines, this comes out as a Healthy, Tasty and convenient option for the today’s consumer who is freed from the hassles of effort and time. The company expects the demand for coconut milk to grow in the days to come owing to emergence of dual income households, rapid urbanisation, and paucity of time and due to the need of today’s consumer for stress free cooking.

Double Horse Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil is a new highly value added version of coconut oil in health food markets. Double Horse Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% natural coconut oil extracted from milk obtained from pure raw coconut kernels using cold pressed technology. This technology retains micronutrients in the oil. It builds immunity, improves weight loss, heals wounds, dermatitis& infection, and hastens digestion. Apart from this it is a cosmetic, which improves skin and hair health. This oil can be used for Cooking and for other therapeutic purposes. 

The products were officially launched by Padma Shri Miss. Shobana, renowned actor and the celebrity brand ambassador of Double Horse, during a press meet held at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangalore today. Manjilas Group MD Mr. Vinod Manjila, Director-Mr Joe Ranji and GM-Sales & Marketing- Mr. Sunil P. Krishnan addressed the gathering.

The new skus will be available in all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and retail stores in India and Abroad.

Double Horse has identified Karnataka as a Focus market as a part of its expansion plan. The Brand is already present in all the leading Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Department stores in Bangalore /Mysore and Mangalore apart from pockets in Northern Karnataka. The response from consumers in Karnataka for the DH product range has been overwhelming.

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