LChase your perfect with PUMA En Pointe

April 2018, Bangalore: Come Spring Summer ‘18, Global sportswear brand PUMA debuts an all new collection, En Pointe, choreographed for confident women who lead the hustler life. Drawing inspiration from ballet and martial arts, the En Pointe Collection considers the female form in its most commanding, dynamic state. The lineup includes both performance and athleisure gear, flawlessly fusing fitness staples with ballet elegance to make the style game on point whether during an intense workout session or a casual outing.

Introduced internationally by PUMA global brandambassador Selena Gomez, and an extension of PUMA’s #DoYou, the campaign isscripted for fearless, powerful women who chase their own brand of perfectionto be #EnPointe. Along with the collection, PUMA has launched a compellingvideo that features a day in the lives of PUMA Brand Ambassador Disha Patani andTV presenter and actress Bani J. The two women steer through challenges andcurveballs thrown at them with sheer determination to pick themselves up andachieve their goals. The campaign encourages women to keep their heads up andgame strong to stay true to their cause. PUMAalso celebrates women who are continuously chasing their own version ofperfection to are always striving to be En Pointe.

The En Pointe collection features bold,technologically advanced performance products infused with style that allows awoman to express her personality while moving through the world. A mélange offashion and functionality, the latest line comprises sneakers, apparel andaccessories.  True to the season, summer vibes are in full swing withhues mainly in soft pastels adding the very popular, season favouritemillennial pink to the mix along with a few olives and blacks.The silhouettesare ​athletic yet feminine, with a delicate play of​ satin, breathable meshwith cool metallic and shimmer detailing that stand out and make a statement.

Products boast of lightweight construction, dynamicflexibility and multi-directional movement, mesh panels and signature midfootstraps and cuffs to provide that extra comfort. Structure is created throughpleating, rib textures, and buoyant fabrics while shine and sporty trimsemphasize motion. T​he dryCell technology used in most products makesthem​highly functional to ​keep sweat at bay, allowing your look to quicklytransition from gymtastic to street style chic.

For those looking to make a statement while training,the collection introduces a whole bunch of fierce kicks – the high rise andlow Phenom Satin that, inspired by the flawless techniques andmovements of dance, inculcates a sock-like upper and a dynamic flex groove to createmovement while the IGNITE foam and a EVA midsole creates a smooth ride to powerthrough the day with style and grace; The sleek Muse isinspired by the elegance and grace of the New York City Ballet dancers, with asmooth, satin-like upper, a slip-on construction and an elastic, foot-huggingmidsole strapping, the Fierce EP women's training shoe are aperfect amalgamation of performance ready technology with trend rightsilhouettes and details.

Then there are training specific apparel andaccessories that make a smooth transition from the gym to the streets like the EnPointe tights with stylish mesh panels and straps at the ankles foradditional support, En Pointe crops made with the support of a lowimpact bra perfect, the En Point Bra that offers a full rangeof motion, adjustable shoulder straps provide bounce control and plush elasticband for comfort, the dance-inspired En Pointe Bodysuit, a boldcurve-hugging, strappy back with a metallic PUMA Wordmark at front, andthe En Pointe Training Gloves a gym buddy for strengthtraining.

The athleisure line is mix of athletic vibessynchronized with marked feminine accents. The Muse Echo is anall-new progressive sneaker that takes design cues from the world of martialarts and ballet fusing pleated geometric shapes with feminine and lightweightmaterials. The apparel line has created unique silhouettes like the EnPointe knee-length jacket that features a three panel hood and anadjustable waist; the knee-length, hooded jumpsuit thatfeatures cut outs on the shoulders and a synched waist, a graceful layeredmesh skirt, hooded sweatshirts, wide leg pants and bandanacaps inspired by the New York City Ballet.

Check out and PUMA stores nationwide to get yourself#EnPointe today!

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