India, March 2020: ELSA, (English Language Speech Assistant Corporation) a Digital App which uses speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to help language learners improve their English pronunciation, today announces free ELSA PRO accounts for all students from 3rd to 12th class & college students. ELSA PRO provides 1600+ English lessons and a comprehensive pronunciation training curriculum that covers all sounds in English.

“It’s important that we support students around the world during this time of hardship as schools go through extended periods of school closure. Our hope is that students are able to continue their English education through our mobile application ELSA Speak. As the world becomes increasingly digital, interconnected, international teams and remote workers are the new norm, and English proficiency is an important skill for students to master,” said Ms. Vu Van, co-founder and CEO of ELSA.

Mr. Manit Parikh, Country Head India, ELSA Corp said, “We all are aware how the pandemic situation has caused a major disruption in the education system. We believe it’s our responsibility to support and encourage students to utilize this valuable time, especially students from tier-2 & 3 cities who always look for easily accessible and affordable opportunities to be fluent in English. For every student pan India it’s a great opportunity to utilize the current situation to improve their English speaking pronunciation. Our mobile app ELSA Speak will help students across India to continue learning even when schools and colleges are closed. Further, the app will also motivate them to reach their point goal.”

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an AI-powered app for the 1.5B language learners in the world to learn to speak English more fluently, thereby changing their careers and lives. ELSA uses proprietary speech technology with deep learning and AI to detect people's pronunciation mistakes with 95%+ accuracy. ELSA Speak listens to the way language learners pronounce words, sentences or conversations to pinpoint exact errors and provide real-time feedback on pronunciation mistakes with specific suggestions on how to improve. ELSA is used by many universities, professional English training programs and secondary schools in India and internationally.

Starting today, any school and college student with any valid email address will have free access to an ELSA PRO 3 month subscription, registration closes on 15 April 2020.  

All free ELSA PRO accounts include: 

•         Comprehensive assessment of all your phonetic challenges, including feedback on individual sounds, rhythm and intonations 

•         Personalized curriculum that tailors to your specific pronunciation challenges

•         Access to 1,600+ English lessons and conversations covering 40+ different topics 

•         Ability to keep track of your progress and improvement over time 

For more information and to enrol for free ELSA PRO access, please visit: bit.ly/elsacovid

If you are an educator and would like access to ELSA PRO for your school or your class, please contact us at support@elsanow.io. 

About ELSA

 ELSA Corp is an Edu-Tech headquartered in the US with tech offices in India, Portugal and Vietnam. 

A team of speech recognition scientists and linguistic experts came together to create ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant), the world's smartest A.I. Assistant for pronunciation training and accent reduction. 

ELSA Corp’s vision is to enable the 1.5 billion language learners around the globe to speak foreign languages with confidence and unlock opportunities in life. ELSA Corp entered the Indian market in August 2019. Almost 70,000 users have downloaded the app so far.

ELSA Speak, is a personal virtual pronunciation coach. ELSA can listen to you speak English, pick out the exact errors as you speak at an individual sound level or intonation, rhythm, and pitch. ELSA will then give you instant feedback and recommendation on how to fix those errors. The feedback is fully automated using a proprietary speech recognition technology based on deep-learning algorithm. 

For more information, visit: https://www.elsaspeak.com/home

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