Legacy Global Projects capitalizes on Easy Filter for Effective Portfolio Display

Bangalore, November 3, 2017: Premium residential real estate brand of Bangalore, Legacy Global Projects launched their new website on 18 Oct, 2017 on the domain www.legacy.in.

“The commonthread amongst the feedback and suggestions received on a day to day basis forour previous website was the need to save time for customers. Time isincreasingly becoming a rare commodity amongst the busy denizens of this cityand it is essential to deliver the right information in the  least amount of time to these individuals,especially when they are looking to make a big investment. This is exactly whatwe have tried to achieve in the new version.” said Sanjay Shenoy, Joint MD, andLegacy Global Projects.

RakeshPrabhu, Director - Marketing, added “The reason people flock to contentaggregator sites is because how easy is it to narrow down options to yourrequirements. Customers today are well aware of their needs and they prefer tohave options curated for the same. The easy filter option on the projects pageallows you to narrow down portfolio options based on location, unit type andproject status. No more clicking through a host of project details that may ormay not be relevant to your requirement. Plus, since we gain control on theinformation put up, it is easier to ensure all data regarding each project isup to date and stands relevant, which can prove to be a challenge withaggregator sites.”

For a moreaccurate visualization of the projects on offer, individual project pages areloaded with digital walkthroughs and Virtual project tours.

The Aboutsection on the website lists out an impressive set of data that makes it easierto understand the legacy of the brand. Google map locations are plugged in aswell for easy navigation for direct site visits.

Whileinvesting in a project that is 2-3 years to completion, one often wonders ifthe finished product will be worth it. The Gallery section on the websiteoffers relief on this front in the form of a complete album on the finishedquality delivered by the brand.

The designand layout of information also makes it super convenient to surf through thesite on the go on the mobile device.

About LegacyGlobal Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Establishedin 2006, Legacy Global Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a leading real estate firm withits headquarters in Bengaluru. With pioneer at the helm - B.H. Krishnamurthy,Legacy blends innovation, creation, and intelligence to build the urbanlandscape of tomorrow. With its core focus on luxury residential projects,Legacy is growing rapidly to soon become one of the leading and favored brandname in the real estate industry. Legacy’s areas of expertise include LuxuryLiving Spaces and Premium Plotted Development. More information on the brandcan be found on www.legacy.in.

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