Legendary Bowler Brett Lee visits the Nadakkavu GVHSS School

Ace Australian cricketer-turned-commentator today visited the Government Vocational Higher Secondary School at Nadakkavu, Kozhikode. He was hosted by the Faizal & Shabana Foundation. He started with the word namaskaram and then went into speaking on multiple aspects of development and success. He spoke at length on how students must never give up. His one big lesson was that students or any one in general, young or old, must take one little goal everyday and achieve it. He said that one must achieve things in little increments so that they can taste success progressively. Many such small increments would eventually lead up to a mega success.

Commentingon 'leadership and sports' Brett Lee said a great leader always knew hisstrengths and weaknesses. He said leadership is all about belief, knowing whatyou want to achieve, being fearless. Best leaders give back to the team. Theyare trustworthy and can be looked up to as role models.

In sports orbusiness or schooling, we must always find a way to fight back.

He saidSteve Waugh was a great leader and mentor that he was fortunate to know - hebelieved in me and made me to achieve.

Otherqualities for a leader would be to stay humble and to be fair.

On theinfluence of music in his life, Brett Lee said, he got into music as a mediumat the age of 22. My mother was a great piano player. My siblings were trainedin classical piano and guitar. Music was the missing piece in my jigsaw puzzle.Music is something i turn to when i am under pressure, he said.

On India andHis Philanthropy here : Brett Lee said, this country has given me a lot in thelast 24 years I have known her. India has been good to me. People here haveshown me their love and affection, warmth. Mewsic, is the musical therapycharity in India. Work with kids suffering from cancer. 1-2 hours of musictherapy gives them such a huge relief and solace in the midst of theirtreatment. Music transcends all cultures and situations.

Brett Lee'sparents have been happily married for the last 45 years and the two big lessonshe has learnt from them are 'treat others the way you want to be treated'and 'never give up.'

On thesubject of not giving up and fighting back in a negative situation, he said,when he suffered a broken back at the age of 16, his doctor advised him not topursue the game. Basically he asked Brett Lee to give up cricket. But not onlydid i not give up but also invited the same Indian doctor who is my friend tothe 1999 debut test match! Australia won the match and Sachin scored a 100,says Lee.

On brainversus body: While growing it is more of abilities and less of mental strength.But as we grow older, it is 20% abilities and 80% mental strength.

We must tellthe brain not to be nervous, not to be hesitant but to believe. Brett Lee saidhis biggest achievement is  yet to come, on signing off.

On the sameoccasion, Mr. Faizal Kottikollon, the co-founder of the foundation and chairmanof KEF Holdings said, "we have been associated with GVHSS for the lastfive years. The energy we saw during the dance performance is the same highenergy that we find here all the time. It is the responsibility of every humanbeing to 'give back'. In life we have to give without expecting anything inreturn. At calicut we found that there is a lack of opportunity in a goodschool. The spark also came from the local MLA, Mr. Pradeep Kumar. Combinationof many peoples efforts led to the transformation of the school. GVHSS today isone of the top performing schools in Kerala and the recent results are atestimony of this.

Ms. SophiyaFaizal, the Head of Projects at KEF Holdings also said that her parents are thebiggest inspiration of her life and the three big lessons I have learnt arepassion, determination and bringing people together.

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