Lia Agarbathi signs up Mithali Raj and Arunima Sinha as their brand-ambassadors

Mumbai, September 14, 2017: Lia Agarbathi from the agarbathi to aerospace conglomerate NR Group has roped in Mithali Raj, Captain, Indian Women’s cricket team, and Arunima Sinha, the first female amputee to climb the Mount Everest, as their brand ambassadors.

The brandhas launched a new 360`advertising/marketing/brand campaign with both the brandambassadors. The campaign is woven around the theme “Khushbu Jo Vishwas Jagaye”meaning ‘fragrance that invokes faith’. The campaign personifies the dreams onecan have, the hopes and the limitless boundaries one can touch if they believein themselves. The campaign, for the first time, experiments with the idea ofwomen’s empowerment in the agarbathi industry.

Mr. ArjunM Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathies, said, “We are proud to have thesetwo amazing women as our brand ambassadors. This collaboration and the campaignare aligned with how we want to position Lia. Believing in you and keeping thefaith for meeting one’s bigger dreams. What better way to portray this thanwith these women of grit. Lia fragrances are aimed to invoke faith among peopleto achieve their dreams.”

“This newconcept that O&M (Ogilvy & Mather) has come up with is something uniquein this field, and hence we are really excited about it,” he added.

Lia haschosen Arunima as brand ambassador as she is an icon who is truly inspiringwith her exceptional courage. With tremendous hope and self-belief, she metsuccess despite all hurdles that came her way.

Speakingabout the campaign, Arunima Sinha said, “It feels good to associate with acampaign that focuses on empowering women of our country.  I am glad to bea part of Lia’s message that encourages people to grow from strength tostrength and conquer their dreams. “

The recentachievements of women in cricket are a reason to celebrate. Itsymbolizes the spirit that one can do anything if they believe in it. Under thecaptaincy of Mithali Raj, the Indian women’s cricket team triggered a wave ofinterest among girls in the sport which is traditionally more associated withmen and also captured the imagination of all cricket lovers.

Speakingabout the association, Mithali Raj, Captain, Indian cricket team said, “Itis an awesome experience to collaborate with Lia agarbathi. The brandis truly one of a kind. Lia not only encourages women to pursue theirdreams but also persistently motivates them to be independent. To associatewith such an empowering campaign is an honour for me and I am extremely glad tobe a part of it. ”

With thiscampaign, Lia has cemented its position as a brand that signifies self-beliefand belief in the greater good. The campaign, featuring both Arunima Sinha andMithali Raj, has launched two TVCs dubbed in regional languages and supportedby print ads, point-of-sale activities and brand activation.

Targeted atan aspiring and spiritual India, the campaign has been conceptualized andimplemented by Ogilvy & Mather. The advertisement has a bold and uniqueplot which has never been tried by any agarbathi player in the country. Thecreative shows both Arunima and Mithali setting out for conquests in theirrespective fields and speaking about how faith has tremendous power to let youovercome any hurdle you may face.

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