Life triumphs’ over liver cancer in Mysore

Bangalore / Mysore, 16th Oct 2017: Mysore’s’ first liver transplantation was performed by a team of expert surgeons from Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysuru. The patient successfully underwent deceased donor liver transplantation surgery on 20th September’17, under the guidance of Dr. Mahesh Gopasetty, Consultant Liver Transplant Surgeon and Dr. Rajkumar Wadhwa, Chief Gastroenterologist. Showcasing a promising recovery, the patient was then discharged on 28th September’17.

Mr. Mahendra Singh (Name changed), a 62  year old gentleman fromLudhiana (Punjab) was suffering from a liver disease since 3 years, and itstreatment was overseen in the form of regular medication. Later, the conditionsgot severe showing symptoms of progressive liver failure and Mr. Mahendra Singh(Name changed) was diagnosed with liver cancer, in its last stage. Post consultation,he was suggested to undergo a liver transplantation, after which he gotregistered with Apollo BGS Hospitals liver transplant programme. Meanwhilefamily of a brain dead donor who succumbed due to road traffic accident cameforward to donate his organs. After confirmation with Jeevasarthakate(ZCCK)above person was activated for Liver Transplantation.


Dr. Mahesh Gopasetty, Consultant Liver Transplant Surgeon, Apollo BGSHospitals, Mysore said ‘Mr. Mahendra Singh (Name changed), was diagnosed with LiverCancer at his last stage and there was a high risk of early death if the liverwasn’t transplanted. He got Cadaver liver in time, operation of which wentuneventful.  Mr. Mahendra Singh (Namechanged), has shown a steady recovery post operation and is now living a stableand a healthy life. Our goal is to reach out to the people who are unawareabout the possibilities of liver transplantation and Apollo BGS Hospitals,Mysore, liver transplant programme is one such initiative that creates aplatform for easy approach to the people in need, delivering quality results’.


About Apollo BGS Hospital, Mysore:Founded in 2001, ApolloBGS Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in the region, with over200 beds and over 30 Specialties, treating about 200000 patients annually.Apollo BGS Hospitals offers state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic andintensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. It is a significantsocial initiative from Apollo Group,  designedto raise India's global standing as a healthcare destination with emphasis onexcellence in clinical services, diagnostic facilities and research activities. 

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