Like Father Like Son: Academic Brilliance Achieved Yet Again

Bangalore, January 24, 2017: History repeated itself after 41 years as Dr. Devesh Ballal son of Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals graduated with flying colors from MS. Ramaiah Medical college today and won 5 medals for his exceptionally brilliant academic performance. As the saying goes, ‘Like father like son’, Dr. Sudarshan Ballal had incidentally achieved the same feat when he had graduated from Kasturba Medical College (KMC) back in 1971.

Dr.Devesh achieved  remarkable score of 792 out of 1000 as he topped thefirst year of MBBS. In the year 2013 he achieved top rank in the subject of Optholmogyand in the year 2014 he again topped in pediatrics. The young medico was alsoconferred two prestigious awards during his MBBS days. He received Dr. TahiraAgarwal award for the best outgoing  undergraduate student inOptholmogyand also Shri MS Somaraj Urs memorial award for the best outgoing undergraduatestudent in pediatrics. 

Dr.Devesh is keen to peruse  hepatology ( study and treatment of liver)and  surgical oncology ( treatment of cancerous tumors) as there is dearthof doctors in these fields.  His parents are  extremely proud andhappy with their son’s over achievement and hope to see him contribute to thesociety immensely.


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