Lockdown Stories : These Villagers CAN live – Only if You help them

Guwahati April 2020. Some places are only in the map. Outside the map, they are no man’s land, almost. Like Amri Block in West Karbi Anglong district. The lockdown 1.0 in March-end and lockdown 2.0 from April has virtually pushed the region off the precipice.

Remote, backward, poor and tribal belt, the locals in Amri and other blocks in the district are used to live from hand to mouth, every day, since when they can remember. 

The region lacks everything that the rest of us take for granted – basic infrastructure for living, motorable roads, mobile and internet connectivity, electricity, medical facility, and so on and so forth. 

Despite all this, the people have managed to go about their lives with their farming, keeping their head above water. 

But this basic survival instinct is now under a pincer attack – from the lockdown and the corona virus pandemic. 

What they are going through is not something that can be understood, in words or verse. Experiencing it is beyond us, folks who complain about things they can’t even fantasize – like say, slow internet speed, or no mall time for now. 

If you have tears to shed, don’t shed if for them. Rather, give them a safety net. Offer them a survival kit. 

They are past shedding tears. What they want back is their hand-to-mouth existence. To live another day. That is only one level below death wish, if you please. 

The administration here not unexpectedly suffers from institutional bottlenecks, notwithstanding its efforts to provide succour to the people battling the corona virus pandemic. 

According to Pynshangainlang Rattane , a teacher, social activist and prominent citizen of Guwahati, the worst affected areas which desperately need relief materials and supplies, and financial assistance, are the following villages:

Amseng; Mokuba; Umsathri; Pantalu; Rapadang; Karbi Hidi; Nongtham; Natral; Archon; Murap; Lang Ik So; Rongchek; Modan; and Thangmo. If these villages in particular are left in the lurch, lives will be lost, children will be orphaned, and the few fortunate survivors will be left counting the days for their end to come. 

This need not – and must not happen. 

A Team AYM Relief  along with  Don Bosco Priests from Amkachi  along with a group of fellow activists are doing everything they can to come to the aid of these villages. 

We highly appreciate the efforts taken by  Fr. Solomon, Don Bosco Amkachi,  Fr. Quirinus , Mt. Edmund, Mr. Zolverine, Mr. James and Mr. Robert from AYM team. 

Amri in Assam is thousands of miles away, but we can yet come together for its cause, for human empathy is just a decision away. Contribute generously in cash or kind. Details: - +91- 6900018727, 91- 9101340457.

Remember: If Amri lives, India does. 

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