Louis Philippe celebrates World Environment Day

3rd June, 2017: On the occasion of World Environment Day, Louis Philippe, India’s premium men’s wear brand, in an effort to preserve the natural eco-system and drive awareness around sustainable fashion, has introduced its new collection, Louis Philippe ‘Evolve’ & ‘Naturalle’.

The ‘Evolve’ range from Louis Philippeis a collection driven by sustainability, where raw untreated fabric forms thecore of the product. The range reduces the use of harmful chemicals that areused for dyeing the fabric which thereby reduces the use of water to aconsiderable extent.  This range is made using naturally coloured BCI(Best Cotton Initiative) cotton which is produced using sustainable methods.The Evolve range is authentic and true to its promise of sustainable fashion. 

Another range of sustainable fashion from the House ofLouis Philippe is the ‘Naturalle’ range from LP Jeans.Naturalle range is designed using 100% cotton, dyed using herbal dyes. Thesesustainable eco-friendly textiles dyed from plants and minerals leave minimalcarbon footprint. This range reduces water and energy consumption by 30% andalso provides a natural look and feel to the end product.  The Naturallerange is a perfect example of eco-friendly fashion that helps reduce pollutioncaused by regular dyed textiles. 

Both the Naturalle & Evolve collectionsare available at Louis Philippe stores across India.

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