Love Matters India joins hands with Ogilvy One to Bash Sexism in Bollywood songs

27th March, Bangalore: According to a research conducted by JuxtSmartMandate, more than 63% of urban Indians listen to music online. And the most preferred genre is Bollywood. The impact of which is so strong that people have started imbibing its influence on their consumer habits. Not just that, a large number of these songs has had a direct impact on the behaviour of young listeners.

The shortcomings from the research catapulted the gapsin gender equality and violence against women, men and others in general. Theselearning’s pushed Love Matters India to launch a campaign createdby OgilvyOne, on addressing how popular media and Bollywood is unwittinglypropagating sexism and gender inequality through songs.

The campaign, #NotMusicToMyEars, wasstrategized after keeping in mind the recent events of censorship and acts ofatrocities against women in India. While everyone loves dancing to asoul-stirring song, the lyrics often go unnoticed. And it doesn’t take much ofan effort to discover just how many popular songs have lyrics that aredown-right derogatory of women’s rights and even their bodies. Love Mattersaims to break this pattern and ensure that pop culture is aligned to ethics ofgender equality and respect.

The campaign will aim at deciphering the meaning ofpopular Bollywood songs and how they add to creating imbalance in the society. #NotMusicToMyEars willdebut on one of India’s leading music streaming platforms. And will beamplified on Twitter and Facebook. The campaign is being featured onThunderclap and has garnered a social reach of more than 2 lakh within hours ofit being posted online.

Vithika Yadav, Country Head of Love Matters Indiasays, #NotMusicToMyEars is crucial for young people as we see more andmore of them accessing the digital space. Entertainment and media has been ahuge influencer in India, and we’ve realised that the gaps in gender equalityand other taboo issues could be filled if we start sensitizing these spaces. Itis very important to raise a voice on such songs as they do not fulfil anysubstantial goals, but lead to further stereotyping.”

Burzin Mehta, Group Creative Director, OgilvyOneadded, “It’s sometimes so easy to get carried away with the music weall love to hear, the lyrics almost don’t matter. And before we know it,they’re part of our collective sub-conscious. #NotMusicToMyEars aims to focusthe spotlight on lyrics, which if we paid attention to, would make any of uscringe. Hopefully, it’ll get the attention of the folks that matter. And resultin songs we can dance as well as sing out aloud.” 

#NotMusicToMyEars invitesusers to be part of the conversation by voicing their points of view acrossLove Matters’ various social platforms.

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