LSN Trust announces Sustainable Menstruation and Save the Environment campaign for underprivile

Bangalore, July 16, 2018:The Lalitha Subbarao Nanjundayya Memorial Trust (LSN Trust) kicked off an awareness campaign Sustainable Menstruationand Save the Environment for underprivileged women and young girls The campaign will promote use of environment friendly menstrual products. Renowned gynaecologist Dr. Meenakshi Bharath addressed an audience of 70 women and young girls. At the end of the program, many women took a pledge to save the environment byputtingtheir palms printswith red painton a white canvas which had a message of “Save the Environment. Happy Periods!” The campaign plans tohighlight three benefits: no rash, no trash and less cash.

Nalini Nanjundayya, Director & Trustee - Lalitha Subbarao Nanjundayya Memorial Trust announced the Sustainable Menstruation and Save the Environment Campaign which will raise awareness on the harmful effects of using regular sanitary napkins which add to the solid waste in a city. One of the main topics of discussion is about the women’s health and hygiene The Trust also hopes to promote the use of Bio-degradable menstrual products that will lead to protecting the environment.  

Nalini Nanjundayyasaid that, “We will conduct a series of workshops to raise awareness among menstruating women to try alternative methods like reusable cloth pads. We also want to help underprivileged women create livelihoods by providing necessary training and materials to make low-cost cloth pads which also help protect the environment.” 

Dr Meenakshi Bharath emphasised on the adverse impact that the usage of sanitary napkins have on not only the users, but also on the environment. She spoke about how rains cause waste from sanitary napkins in landfills to seep into the water table. She also pointed out how plastics from sanitary napkins can induce itching, irritation, and vaginal discharge. She advocated the usage alternatives like of cloth pads which can be washed and worn for 1 year and menstrual cups that last for 5 years both depending on usage patterns. She spoke at length about their health, economic, and environmental benefits. Her take was that a woman uses on an average 120 plus sanitary napkins annually and the cost could be Rs 1200 upwards per annum. Compare this to the cost of a set of 4 cloth pads is Rs 400 and a menstrual cup is Rs 450.

“Cloth napkins were a thing of the past. It is now making a comeback as an environment friendly product that can be used, washed and reused. Both cloth pads and menstrual cups give you three benefits: no rash, no trash and less cash.”, said Dr. Meenakshi Bharath.

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