L&T Technology Services Honours India’s Brightest Engineering Students at TECHgium®

In its second edition LTTS’ unique industry academia initiative TECHgium® recognizes young engineering enthusiasts who delivered proof of concepts to address complex industrial challenges

Bengaluru,April 16, 2018 -L&T Technology Services Limited (NSE: LTTS), a leading global pure-playEngineering R&D Services company today announced the winners of thesecond edition of its unique industry academia initiative TECHgium®. Coveringhundreds of engineering colleges across the country, including several top tierengineering institutes, TECHgium® is a first of its kind initiative inIndia to scout for and recognize the best of engineering talent among thefresher community.

TECHgium®ushers in a new generation of engineers with skills and capabilities that theindustry covets. The initiative is aimed at imparting engineering students withrelevant exposure to the challenges and practical insights for Industry 4.0.TECHgium® will also help create an ecosystem that bridges the industry-academiaschism by facilitating the participants with an opportunity to work ontechnologies of tomorrowand enhance their career prospects andsimultaneously augment the solution development team of LTTS.  

LTTSinvested over 100 working hours to mentor students shortlisted for the PoCround, with subject matter experts from respective industry domains mentoringthe students. As a result, the winning teams came up with remarkable solutionsaround IoT, Machine Learning, Advanced Image Processing and Smart Tools. 

The teamfrom Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore were declared as winnersfor developing a mechanism for wide angle viewing for diagnostic hysteroscopyproducts. The students of National Institute of Engineering, Mysore won thesecond prize for creating a variable valve timing mechanism for internalcombustion engine.  The winner of the third prize went to the team fromSri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Pondicherry for their work on Smarttools and integration with IoT platforms. A special prize was awarded to thestudents of Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh fordevising a Multi-camera Multi Target Visual Tracking System. 

Some of theother noteworthy POCs demonstrated at TECHgium® include active noisecancellation for automobile mufflers submitted by the students of IIT Madrasthat caters to the Transportation & Commercial Vehicles domain andArtificial Intelligence framework for Microgrids for Industrial Productssubmitted by the students of VIT University. 

The winnersof TECHgium® were selected by a distinguished jury of industry expertsincluding Mr K.S. Viswanathan, Vice President NASSCOM, Dr. Ranganath Navalgund,Honorary Professor, ISRO and Mr Ganapathiraman, Country Manager, ARC India. 

Dr.Keshab Panda, CEO & Managing Director, L&T Technology Services Limitedsaid, “India hasalways been the nation of innovators and pioneers and the kind of engineeringtalent that can be brought to light here is unparalleled. TECHgium® is our odeto the great Indian engineering potential and we are confident that this initiativewill be instrumental in providing the right stimulus to the enormous academicpotential of the country. The success of TECHgium® would be immenselyhelpful in LTTS’ endeavor to propel innovation, bridge industry-academia gap aswell as solve myriad engineering challenges and help in building digitalskillsets among today’s youth.”

 K.S.Viswanathan, Vice President – Industry Initiatives, NASSCOM commented “Acrossthe whole spectrum of the industry, skill profiles are undergoing rapid changeswitnessing a rising demand for enhanced digital capabilities. India hasenormous pool of fresh talents propelled by innovative thinking and attitude tobuild solutions in key sectors where technology can play a revolutionary role.We are extremely hopeful that initiatives brought out by TECHgium® will play aninstrumental role in mentoring academic talents in the country, propelinnovation in bringing technological empowerment to solve complex industrialproblems in the country.” 

The secondedition of TECHgium® received a record-breaking participation fromover 17,000 students across 220 engineering colleges signing up forthe event. The platform gave aspiring engineering students an opportunity tocreate concepts, submit abstracts, present technical presentation and showcaseProof of Concept (PoC) on real life technical challenges. Some of thechallenges included Machine Learning Platform for Video Analytics forelevators, Augmented/Assisted Reality applications for industrial customers,Video analytics tool for detecting human intentions and Reduction of Emissionfrom Automobiles among others. 

To know moreabout TECHgium® visit: https://techgium.lnttechservices.info/

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