Lubrizol and Finolex Industries Limited Join Hands to Process

Bengaluru, 17th February 2017 : The Lubrizol Corporation, inventors and the largest manufacturers of CPVC compound worldwide, and Finolex Industries Limited, the leading PVC pipes and fittings manufacturer in India, announce the signing of, FlowGuard® Processor agreement for the manufacturing and sale of Finolex FlowGuard®Plus pipes and fittings in India. The product will be launched in the market by Finolex Industries Limited in the last week of March 2017 and will cater to the building and construction industry.

“Lubrizol is dedicated to supplying the highestquality CPVC compounds to service the Indian hot & cold water plumbingmarkets,” explains Matthew Timmons, Managing Director, LubrizolAdvanced Materials India Pvt. Ltd. “Our partnership with Finolex Industrieshighlights the need and importance of quality CPVC pipes and fittings made fromtime-tested CPVC compounds provided by Lubrizol. Since January 2016, we havebeen manufacturing these world quality materials from a state-of-the art plant inDahej, Gujarat. Our association with Finolex will further strengthenFlowGuard’s commitment to delivering reliability in India through Finolex’swide spread network in the country.” 

Timmons continues,“Since we introduced FlowGuard to the Indian market, we remained committedthrough our support of processors who continue to benefit from our more than 50years of expertise in manufacturing and compounding. Additionally, with the government’s recent focus on housing for all, theinfrastructure status given to real estate, loans offered at cheaper rates,introduction of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), GST & many otherinitiatives, the need for quality products to be used in the country is greaterthan ever.” 

Lubrizolintroduced the resilient CPVC material into India nearly two decades ago. Sincethen, India’s plumbers, engineers, builders and consultants have been reassuredby the only material of its kind to be designed and approved to meet all globalstandards.  

Prakash Chhabria, Executive Chairman of FinolexIndustries Limited expressed his views on the specialoccasion, saying, “We are committed to strengthening the plumbing industrythrough our association with Lubrizol falls in line with the culture of FinolexIndustries in providing quality products ‘Made in India’ for the Indian market.We are confident about Lubrizol’s global expertise in compounding andappreciate the work done by them in changing the plumbing industry from metal-basedto CPVC–based piping. 

With FlowGuard’s raw material and support, our trackrecord of providing superior products for Indian market gets strengthened. Welook forward to a successful partnership.”

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