- Luv U Zindagi-

NAME: Luv U Zindagi OBJECTIVE: BE the Best Version of Yourself! BRIEF: Youth are a power pack of potential growth and possibility. In this phase they are at the source of Creating their life! Helping them to deal powerfully with their areas can really fast forward the country and the world

CURRENT SCENARIOYouth face stress, pressure, relationship issues.We see huge amount ofviolence by youth, depression prevailing, suicides committed. Infact everyyear in India there are one million deaths due to suicides in India.WHAT WILL HAPPENAge group 14 to 20 yrs is generally the time when most people create theirlives. They make choices,  they experiment, they fall, they deal withstuff.If they are not provided with right kind of empowerment to see forthemselves the condition will remain same and infact worsen.It will lead to increasing frustration, anger, violence, depression.Youth will be losing its productivity and not give the kind of output theywould give. It is such a huge huge loss for any nation!WHAT WE INTEND TO DOAs part of Luv U Zindagi project, we focus on inner strengthening...So that young boys and girls not only realize their real self-worth butalso shoot up the employability ratio to become productive resources forthe country. We are making a small attempt to give back to the society thathas given us so much.AREA TO DEAL WITH- Who am I- Self-worth and Confidence- High anxiety and Depression- No interest and motivation- Lot of pressure- Difficulty in choosing job, businessThis is to be done through 2 to 3 hours workshops/sessions. Inviting you topartner with us in this youth building activity for our country. Download Image: http://bit.ly/2B0CAES 

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