Luxury salon Headmasters unveiled by actress Mahima Chaudhury in Delhi

Looks are something, one never compromises on. Hair, skin or body, we want the best to come our way and there are no compromises when it comes to ones look. Obviously, we all want to look the best always. Salons play a major role in creating that one beautiful look that makes you a headturner. There’s been a paradigm shift in the salon industry in the last few years and many concept salons have made their way in already flourishing market and have taken over the market by storm. Headmasters is a name to reckon with in the luxury salon segment that boasts of a massive presence in the Punjab market as pioneers for almost a decade now. “There has been a huge clientele who has been travelling to our flagship store in Chandigarh from the nearby regions including Delhi and have been demanding us to open an outlet here. This motivated us to enter Delhi market where we now opening a boutique salon in plush locale of Defence colony in South Delhi”, reveals Pammy Kaul, Creative Director, Headmasters.

Luxury salon Headmasters was unveiled in the plush locale of Defence Colonyin  South Delhi with much fanfare byBollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry along with Pammy Kaul, creative directorHeadmasters and other prominent personalities from Delhi social circle.  Pammy is an internationally acclaimed hair,nails & beauty expert. She is also the makeup artist to a number ofBollywood actresses. Her capabilities have been extensively used as consultant& best practices practitioner by many beauty trade organisations withinEurope & India. She received her training from the prestigious SaltashCollege, Cornwall, UK. She also has member status in various internationalbodies Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists (MGPBT) UK, InternationalInstitute of Healing and Holistic Therapies (IIHHT) UK, International Healthand Beauty Council (IHBC) UK etc. Her maiden venture, Scratch, was started topromote the nail services and training in India.


Bollywood actress Mahima Chaudhry has been associated with Headmasters formany years and has supported the luxury spa salon. Mahima specially flew fromMumbai for the opening of the salon in Delhi. Said Mahima, “ Headmasters givesyou a satisfying experience every time you walk in and that’s what has been thereason that whenever I am in Chandigarh, I have to go and pamper myself. I wishPammy and the team all the good wishes and I am hopeful Delhi would also dogood as all”. Headmasters were established in 2002 in Chandigarh with theobjective of providing top notch services to its clients when it comes to skin,body and hair. The salon is well known for its safety and high-qualityservices. The salon has over 150 well-trained professionals and seesapproximately 75000 clients a year. The services delivered by Headmasters areof the highest standard and are affordable to students.


Japjap Singh, co-owner of Headmasters Salon, Delhi said, “We are glad tohave a talent like Pammy Kaul on board. She conceptualises new looks, colours,trends and techniques endlessly. She has been actively working with the likesof Anthony Whitaker/Sydney, Robert Seah, Tyler Jhonston, and Tracey Hayes amongother top-notch designers and hairstylists from across the world.” Further,Pammy Kaul added, “Today, consumer preference has changed in terms of hair careproducts and treatments wherein they are looking at international hair caretrends and hair designs and aspire to achieve the same. Thus, this comingtogether of the giants in hair-care business will enable local consumers toexperience world-class products and services under one roof.” 

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