Maharashtra PWD Minister Patil to launch new road development policy on December 5

Mumbai, December 2: Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra under the guidance of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis and Hon’ble PWD Minister Shri Chandrakant Dada Patil has launched ‘Utkarsh MahaMarg’, an initiative towards the Development of 10,000 Km of Roads in Maharashtra under the modified Hybrid Annuity Model (Maha HAM).

The PWD hasinitiated ‘SamvadPragaticha’which is an interactive videosession to address contractors on the intricacies of Maha HAM on Tuesday,December 5. 

The webinar(Live Video Conference), a first of its kind, is a pioneering step forconstruction of 10,000 km of Roads in Maharashtra with an aim to go beyondgeographical boundaries and reach the smallest of towns to largest ofcities.  

“The majordifference which changes the economics of the project is the ratio of paymentand the project period. Maha HAM also insulates the contractors againstinflation risk and mitigates the funding concern during construction periodthereby allowing him to focus on execution and completion of the projectsundertaken,” said Shri Chandrakant Dada Patil, Minister for Public WorksDepartment, Government of Maharashtra. 

Through thewebinar schedule on December 5, 2017 between 4PM to 6PM, theinitiative under Maha HAM will be explained in greater detail including theproject’s timeline, life-cycle and eligibility criteria. The Public WorksDepartment has invited Contractors from across the country and abroad to be apart of the Webinar.   

The webinarwill be attended by Principal Secretary Shri Ashish Kumar Singh, Secretary(Roads), All Chief Engineers and PWD staff engaged in the project. The Webinarwill be graced by the presence of Hon’ble Shri Chandrakant Dada Patil, Ministerfor Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra.

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