Mahindra AMC launches two new schemes

Bengaluru, April 27, 2017: Mahindra Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd. (MAMCPL), the investment manager to Mahindra Mutual Fund and the wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra Finance, announced the launch of its two open-ended schemes ‘Mahindra Mutual Fund Bal Vikas Yojana’ an open ended balanced scheme and ‘Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana’ an open ended equity scheme. The new fund offer will open from April 20, 2017 and will close on May 4, 2017. Thereafter, the scheme(s) will reopen for continuous sale and repurchase from May 18, 2017.

‘MahindraMutual Fund Bal Vikas Yojana’ seeks to generate capital appreciation and income generationover medium to long term through investment in equity and equity relatedinstruments as well as debt and money market instruments. Investments in thisfund can be made only in the name of the minor child and contributions in theinvestment account could be made by all family members and friends. The fundoffers optional lock-in investment till the child turns 18 years old.

‘MahindraMutual Fund Badhat Yojana’ is best suited for investors who are keen to get medium tolong term capital appreciation through investment predominantly in equity andequity related securities including derivatives.

Inflationoften leads to erosion of capital, investment in equity funds helps beatinflation.

AshutoshBishnoi, CEO and Managing Director, MAMCPL said, “Every household in India has a culture ofsaving instilled in them. We want to leverage on this culture and explain theinvestment opportunities through our offerings for every customer profile. In afamily, securing a child’s future, safety and wealth creation are toppriorities. Therefore goal-based financial planning through our products like‘Mahindra Mutual Fund Bal Vikas Yojana’ and ‘Mahindra Mutual Fund BadhatYojana’ helps in systematic investments to create a secure future.”

He added,“Children these days have unconventional dreams and aspirations. Meticulousfinancial planning can help ensuring they have all the education and facilitiesthey require to fructify their dreams. The first step however is to start asearly as you can.”

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