Mahindra Electric launches Virtual Reality drive experience for all-electric e2oPlus

Bengaluru, January 3, 2018: Mahindra Electric, part of the diversified USD 19 billion Mahindra Group and a pioneer in the development and production of electric vehicles (EVs) in India, recently launched a Virtual Reality (VR) based drive experience for its smart and connected all electric vehicle, the e2oPlus.

Theexperience, enabled through VR headsets, highlights the technical features andfocuses on the key attributes of the e2oPlus. One of the main objectives ofthis initiative is to innovatively communicate all the technologically advancedfeatures packed into the e2oPlus through an immersive experience of thevehicle, at select Mahindra dealerships. The campaign aims to expand the baseof people who can experience electric mobility first hand, as well as deliveringan advanced test drive experience to enable the faster adoption of EVs.

According toMahesh Babu, CEO Mahindra Electric, “As the pioneers of integrated and electricmobility solutions in India, it has always been our endeavour to make electric vehiclesmore accessible across geographies and segments. We believe that new ways ofleveraging technology and digital mediums to reach out to our customers isalready making waves and will transform the market. The launch of this VirtualReality based drive experience for the e2oPlus, is an important step for us onthis journey. We are looking at this as an opportunity to deliver the electricmobility experience to a much wider audience while staying true to thetechnologically advanced nature of the product. Going forward, we intend toenhance this program even further, making it more immersive and experiential.”

The VirtualReality based drive experience for the e2oPlus is currently available at selectMahindra dealerships same is also delivered to customers before a door step test drive, whichcan be booked on the Mahindra e2oPlus website

The 2D, 360degree version of the experience is also available on YouTube: (best viewed in 4K quality).However the best way to experience the drive is through VR headsets and it canbe enabled via apps available on Android and iOS.

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