Mahindra Holidays empowers the differently-abled to transform work culture

Bangalore, December 02, 2017: Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL), India's leading leisure hospitality provider strongly believes in adopting equal opportunity for all. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. has a structured policy of hiring differently-abled people, depending upon the size of the resort and its operations.

December 3 isobserved as International Disability day. The United Nations International Dayof Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) has been followed since 1992 around theworld. The theme for this year is “Transformation towards sustainableand resilient society for all.” Through the recent years, ourcommunity has witnessed the progress made in advancing the rights of personswith disabilities. India has also taken strides in ensuring unbiased growthopportunities for all. According to the new HR law practice applicable fromJune 15 2017, all employer organisations need to adopt an 'Equal OpportunityPolicy' (EOP) containing details of amenities that will be provided to theirdifferently-abled employees. 

Through aspecial recruitment programme, Mahindra Holidays reaches out to variousorganisations that work towards the empowerment of differently abled people.Apart from hiring differently-abled people, the company also providescontinuous on-the-job training to equip these employees with necessary skills.Training programs for the differently abled employees include a blend ofclassroom sessions run in regional languages and practical training sessionsaimed at developing functional knowledge and skills. Visual depiction of“Standard Operating Procedures” helps them overcome language & listeningchallenges. 

Nearly 60differently-abled employees are working across the resorts as front-officeoperators, spa therapists, electricians and plumbers, gardeners, kitchen staffand housekeeping staff. 

Suresha, apolio victim is working at Club Mahindra Virajpet. Both his parents had to workfor daily wages in a coffee estate to run a family of 6 members. Suresha had tobattle out every step in his life as he lost his father at a very young age.With no further support to pursue his education, soon after completing 10thstandard from a government school at Hosur, Suresha started working in coffeeestate for daily wages to support his family. Suresha applied for jobs atvarious places, but he was not given an opportunity because of his physicalchallenges. In a meanwhile, he got an opportunity to work as a temporarypostman on a very less salary for a very short time. Suresha, got to know fromsomeone at his village that there are ample of opportunities created forspecially abled at Club Mahindra Resorts and he approached and joined ClubMahindra Virajpet in August 2015. He was trained in Kitchen Stewardingfunction and is now performing his duties in a diligent manner. Suresha saysthat unconditional love, support and patience of his team members at ClubMahindra, have made his life easier and happier. His family is elated to seehim employed. 

PrashantKhullar, Chief Human Resource Officer, Mahindra Holidays, stated, "At MahindraHolidays, we strongly believe in inclusion and diversity. We have a structuredhiring policy that enables us to recruit and retain the best talent, includingspecially-abled people. We conduct specially designed training programmes forsuch employees to enable them to develop the requisite hospitality skill sets.Sometimes, differently-abled people also need extra support during the learningsessions. At Mahindra Holidays, all such employees are assigned dedicatedmentors to help them through their learning process. They are also made anintegral part of monthly connect sessions with resort leadership to keep theengagement levels high and address additional requirements.”

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