Making Telugus proud, Alluri has the distinction of playing earlier at Cambridge Folk Festival

Hyderabad, December 04, 2017….When most of Millennials are shying away from speaking in Telugu, here is a Telugu youth, Alluri, singer and musician who is currently living in London, is making Telugus and Telugus’ Motherland proud by performing his Telugu Rock Album at Trans Musicales Festival in France this week.

TransMusicales is ahighly respected "new music discovery" festival inRennes France,established in 1979. Due to its exploratory work in discoveringnew musicalmovements and shining a spotlight on innovative young artists, theRennes TransMusicales Festival is now recognized as an ideal place to observeand discoverthe best of the international music scene.

Alluri wasinvitedto participate in it by the festival directors.

Alluri hasbeendoing live dates with his band in the UK and Europe including CambridgeFolkFestival.

Born andraised inHyderabad, Alluri released his first track, sung in Telugu last year.The songtitled, “Evari Kosam”, receivedpositive reaction in the UK, even beenplayed on BBC Radio and becoming a hit video on YouTube. Evari Kosamwasrecorded with Grammy-winning record producer Tommaso Colliva.  The artiste composed his music, wrotelyricsand sang and played on guitar. All the songs were recorded in studios inMilanowith the Italian session musicians and finally mixed in studios in London

Even though Alluri’sfirstalbum was in English, he has a great passion for his mother tongue,unlike hispeers, inspiring him to work on his Telugu album. One of a kind anduniquelyspecial, a rock album in Teluguis a first! His efforts in bringing this albumto a  Western audience has been describedas takingItalian of the East to the West as Telugu is largely considered as theItalianlanguage of the East.

Alluri'slive soundhas been a revelation. After having played a few gigs in London,Alluri tookhis live set to Cambridge Folk Festival in July. His November gig atTheIslington in London received high praise from, calling hissound a musical brainchild of "Arcade Fire and Ennio Morricone."Thistop form is sure to be continued in December with gigs at Trans MusicalesinFrance and NH7 Weekender in Pune followed by a gig in his hometown ofHyderabadand Bengaluru.”

Great musicis madeeverywhere in the world. Language is no barrier when you hear a songthatoffers some emotional or melodic connection. Alluri is a musicianfromHyderabad, who’s impossible to categorize, but his music is as grandandeuphoric as anything you’d find from Arcade Fire and has a touch ofMorriconetoo. Classical music was absorbed in his teens then he learned guitarwhilelistening to acts like Doves and Morrissey during his UK studies. Nowworkingbetween India, the UK, and Italy, he’s teamed up with Museproducer/mixer TommassoColliva and Italian musician Massimo Martelotta, fromcult ‘cinematicItalo-funk’ band Calibro 35, on this powerful and unique musicsung in Telugu.

Proving whatItaliantraveller Nicolo Di Conti, once called Telugu, the Italian of the East,Allurihas teamed up with Italian musicians on his mission to take stage Telugumusicon global platforms .

Alluri willbevisiting Hyderabad, his home town for a private performance in the secondweekof December.  He is also going toperformin Pune.

Manyforeigners fellin love with Telugu such as C.P Brown, Nicolo Di Conti, J. P. L.Gwynn.  C.P. Brown made relentlessefforts for arenaissance of Telugu. Italian traveler Nicolo Di Conti, calledTelugu, theItalian of the East. Telugu NRIs found living in all most allcountries exceptPakistan, Bhutan, and North Korea.  It ishigh time that Telugu goes global.Alluri's perseverance in promoting Telugumusic on a global platform shouldencourage more youth to get in the space.

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