Man proposes, GOD disposes

“Man proposes, GOD disposes “. On Tuesday night (05.09.2017) Gowri Lankesh leaves her office for the day, probably hoping that she will have a well deserved rest and relaxation at home. Who doesn’t cherish returning to Home Sweet Home? A place considered to be the safest at all time.

Ihave met Gowri Lankesh  on a couple ofoccasions –  a get-together at a commonfriend’s place. Found her to be intelligent, smart , balanced and jovial too,stylishly holding a cigarette  in herhand. Frank , forthright  anddefinite  in her views- I  thought."For14 yrs she ran the publication without any advertising, from her savings. Shecontinued our father's legacy, I am proud of her," Indrajit, her youngerbrother,  said. 

True to her  being anatheist noreligious rituals were performed

The Lankesh siblings( Kavitha and Indrajit ) have requested  that the incident not be given a political orideological colour. They said Gauri had no personal enmities, only ideologicaladversaries. 

 Is murder a solution forthe rift, difference in opinions or ideologies ?

While strongly condemning  killing of senior journalist  like GowriLankesh I fervently hope speedyinvestigation is conducted & justice delivered. Condolences to the family.

By- Shiva Shankar.M.Rao

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