Manipal Hospital partners with ‘Spreading Hope’ foundation

Bangalore, Aug 11, 2017: Manipal Hospitals with a mission to create nationwide awareness on the importance and need for organ donation in India partners with Spreading Hope foundation. Through this partnership Mr. Lourd Vijay, professional dancer, Guinness World Record Holder and Transplant patient will drive 9000 Kms from Chennai to Ladakh and inspire 10 million people to pledge their organs. Lourd Vijay was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2013 and underwent a transplant in 2016 at Manipal Hospitals and thus he now wants to inspire people to come forward for such a noble cause.

The purposeis to engage with the government, corporates, educational & health careinstitutions to spread the cause. The aim of the drive is to spread awarenesson kidney disease through classroom-type sessions, conduct no-cost kidneyscreenings and raise awareness on organ donation.

Speakingon the Occasion Mr. Praveen Sood, IPS, and Additional Director General ofPolice “Icongratulate Manipal Hospitals for their association and my best wishes forthem to accomplish their mission. Organ donation is associated with socialstigma/taboo and lack of awareness among us. Giving life after death is anextremely humbling gesture and so we must promote and participate in this noblecause. I am confident that educating people and spreading message far and widewill change mindsets and remove our mental block associated with organdonation.”

Speakingon the occasion Ms. Sharmiela Mandre Noted South Indian actress said, “We have always been taught thatsharing is caring and I am extremely happy to be part of this cause today whichpromotes life after death. Today millions of people die due to the dearth oforgan donors when they could have easily got a new lease of life. All it takesis a little awareness and courage and we can make a difference to so manypeople even after our death. It’s my humble request to be more sensitivetowards this and lets us all join hands and pledge organs to save lives.” 

Speakingon the occasion Dr. H. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman Manipal Hospitals said, “Organ donation remains one of thetop healthcare priorities in India. Every year, over 5 lakh people die due tonon-availability of organs. The current organ donation rate in India is 0.5donors per 10 lakh people as compared to over 30 donors per 10 lakh in Westerncountries. Despite major advances in medical science, organ transplant is theonly alternative in certain cases to save life. One donor can save 8 livesthrough organ donation and save 50 through tissue donation. Organ transplantscan drastically improve the quality of life of the recipients and give themanother chance to live. Our association with Spreading Hope is on the rightmission to educate people across India about the importance of organ donation.” 

According tothe latest statistics approximately 5 lakh people across the nation die eachyear, due to wide gap between the number of transplants awaited and the organsavailable. . Around 1,00000 ( one lakh) people die of liver disease everyyear, about 220000 (two lakh twenty thousand) people await kidney transplants,almost 10 lakh people await corneal transplants, 5,0000 ( fifty thousand)people await heart transplant and about 2,0000 ( twenty thousand) people are inneed of lung transplant.

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