Manipal Hospitals Bengaluru Sucessfully Performs Triple Transplant of Heart

Bangalore, June 6, 2018: Manipal Hospitals Bengaluru the foremost multi-specialty healthcare provider committed to clinical excellence and patient care performed path-breaking triple transplant simultaneously to give new lease of life to three patients. Team of 100 dedicated healthcare workers, who worked relentlessly , literally 24/7 to perform Heart, Kidney and Liver surgeries successfully.

The donor ofall the three organs was 32-year-old lady from Kolar in Karnataka who was thedaughter of a construction worker and died due to a fall. Her mother wasforthcoming for this noble cause and did not hesitate to donate all the threeorgans viz Heart, Kidney and Liver to the needy patients. There were doctorsfrom other place to assess the condition of lungs of the donor was not fit tobe harvested. 

Therecipient for Heart transplant is 48-year-old male who is a software engineerby profession. Recipient for liver transplant is 60-year-old retired maleteacher.  54-year-old diabetic patient an employee at NAL underwent kidneytransplant at Manipal Hospitals Bangalore. 

Speakingon the occasion Dr. Devananda HOD & Consultant–Cardiothoracic &Vascular Surgery, Manipal Hospitals Bangalore said, ManipalHospitals said, “The patient is 48 year old male who was suffering from Dilatedcardiomyopathy (DCM) is a disease of your heart muscle where it becomesstretched and thin and hence cannot pump adequately . Though the problem is notvery rare yet the patient was unable to perform any regular task and would feelexausted and worn out all the time.  He underwent 1month of preparationtime before undergoing heart transplant. We performed several angiography to besure. His other parameters including lung pressure was monitored and broughtdown to normal levels for the success of the surgery.The transplant went on forclose to 6 hours with succefull outcome. He is recovering well and has a greatsupport from his family. we are confident that he will receover slowly butsteadily to go for second innings in life. We wish will god luck and speedyrecovery and extremely grateful to the donor’s family , who took this decisionfor the sake of humanity.“ 

Speaking on the occasion Dr. A Olithselvan, Chairman& Hepatalogist, Liver Transplant Division, Manipal Hospitals said, “ It wasno easy for this 60 year man who was fighting liver cancer from past 3 monthsand liver cirrhosis for almost 6 years. He was on the transplant list for long.This 32 year old lady who was the donor for kideny cam as an angel/ boon to hislife. The transplant went on extremely well and we are hoping that the patientwill resume normal work very soon.It is extremely heart warming to know thatpeople are concious and forth coming towards this nobel cause. We are gratefulto donor’s family who decided to donate organs despite their moment of grief. Weall must take a learning and come forward for this cause“ 

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Vishwanath Siddini,Consultant, Nephrologist Manipal Hospitals Bangalore said,“ 54 yearold male patient who was extremely diabetic and was on regular dialysis was extremelyhappy to know that his prayers were finally answered. He had been waiting foralmost 4 years for this day and was on the transplant list since then. It wasimportant that he undewent kidney transplant at the earliest since he was alsorecently admitted due to certain complications. Somehow dialysis was not enoughfor him and transplant was the only possible solution to save his life.Posttransplant he is showing great signs of recovery and will be resuming hisnormal routine very soon.“

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