Manipal Hospitals Launched Patient Connect Programme on account of World Prematurity Day

Bangalore, November 20, 2017: On account of ‘World Prematurity Day’ and to commerade the completion of 25 successful years of NICU Manipal Hospitals unveiled patient connect programs for expectant parents. With an aim to create awareness towards premature deliveries/ babies the programme will educate parents and give them hands on knowledge on precautions and care to be taken towards such babies.

Long afterdischarge, premature babies require special care, follow-ups with doctors andprecautionary measures to survive. In one hour long session that wasconducted at Manipal Hospitals the expectant parents were informed about howright perspective and timely measures can help them cope better in such asituation. Neonatologists, clinicians, nutritionists, breast feedingconsultants and psychologists spoke on the common concerns of preemies.Importance of breast feeding was retreated to establish healthy nutritionearly. Causes, risks of pre mature pregnancies were discussed at length.

Speakingon the occasion Dr. N.Karthik Nagesh, Chairman Neonatology and NICUs, ManipalHospital said, “Weat Manipal Hospitals have been at the forefront of treating such small andcritically ill babies for the last more than 25 years and many of our ‘NICUGraduates’ today are very intelligent and productive members of the society.They are our future. On the occasion of ‘World Prematurity Day’ we should senda strong message to the society that Premature babies should be given a goodchance as they have excellent survival and neural development outcomes now thatthe quality of care has  also improved so much more in these last 2decades.”

Hefurther added, “Overallin India 28 million babies are born every year and out of which 20% are bornpre term/ pre mature. The problem is more prevalent among urban population.There are multiple reasons for pre mature delivery like maternal undernutrition, teenage pregnancies, lifestyle of women working incorporate world who undergo stress and have a sedentary lifestyle, womenwith high blood pressure and diabetes, delay in pregnancy or postponingbabies, late pregnancy and also women who undergo assisted reproduction andhave multiple pregnancies may end up having pre term babies.”

ManipalHospitals has handled several cases in the past and some of them are grown upadults today. Davik Viswanath, 22 year old ( Son of Gundappa andKavitha Vishwanath) was born with only weight of 1 kg born at only 32weeks. Mother’s condition during delivery was extremely critical as it was aforced delivery. She was herself admitted in the ICU for a week before she gota chance to see her baby who was under the supervision of Dr. KarthikNagesh.  Baby stayed in NICU for close to 3 months. Initially his lungswere not functioning properly as he was facing some breathing issues. He latergained weight and was discharged when he gained weight upto 2 kgs plus. Todayhe has completed law and is practicing cricket full time and aiming to beselected for the State Cricket team. 

Secondcase was of now 19 year old Devaskanda who is a miracle baby as he was only 600 grams when hewas born and it further reduced to 520 grams. He was of the size of doctor’spalm. Back in 1990 when his mother had tried several times and lost babies at 27weeks no one knew the reason. Thus Devaskanda was a special baby as the parentsreally hoped that he survived. His immature lungs and heart and other bodysystems made him very sick. The Doctors and Nurses worked hard on him for 4months to help him survive through a very stormy course in NICU. There werevery few trained doctors and nurses those days who could take care of such atiny baby who was so small that his veins were as thin as hair. Putting IVlines and artificial breathing tubes in him was a great challenge. Dedicationand hard work paid off and finally he went home after 4 months. Follow up carewas regularly done  and often he would fall sick in infancy. His interestsare aviation and biology and is keen to persue degree in aviation once he completesgrade 12.

The thirdcase is of 25 year old Sanjana. She was born at 28 weeks and weighed less thana kg.She had severe complications in intestines that had to be operated. Shealso had to undergo cardiac surgeries and surgery in the eye that was damageddue to pre maturity. She recovered and was discharged from NICU at ManipalHospitals and later went on to be a brilliant student in academics. She toppedin her school and finished Law from Christ University. She is now perusing herLLM in UK in Maritime Law. She has cracked competitive exams to go abroad andstudy and is a gifted child.

There areseveral ways to avoid challenges of pre term pregnancy. It’s always betterfor Mother to be sent to a safer delivery place or in a bigger Hospital that hasa complete Neo Natal care and well equipped set up. This is much easier andless complicated when transporting the baby once it is born to a betterHospital which has good facilities. Also severity of disease can be reducedthrough injecting anti natal steroids to mother in order to preventcomplications associated with pre maturity/ pre term.

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