Manipal Varsity’s significant shift to green energy

Bangalore, June 12, 2017: Managing Director, MESCOM, Mangaluru, Mr Chikkananjappa on Tuesday inaugurated solar roof top PV plant at the indoor sports complex. With that, Manipal University now has eight buildings with roof top solar plants. This has helped the University to achieve 55% of energy-demand from a green source. It may be mentioned here that Manipal University is ranked the second green campus in the country.

“Thissubstantially reduces dependence on conventional energy sources, thusmitigating carbon emissions and making a significant shift towards sustainableenergy use,” said Dr H.S Ballal, Pro Chancellor Manipal University in aninteraction with Mr Chikkananjappa after the inauguration. MESCOM MD wasappreciative of the initiatives being taken by the University to reducepollution by using more and more of the solar energy. 

 “ManipalUniversity has partially shifted from the conventional energy use to renewableenergy use and sourcing. This is being achieved by installing solarphotovoltaic rooftop systems on the buildings with a total installed capacityof 817 kilowatts peak (kWp) connected to grid for self-use generating 12 lakhunits on average per annum,” said Derrick Joshua, Environment Executive ofManipal University. 

Mr ShridharRao, Executive Engineer (Electrical), Energy Lead Auditor & MR said, “Thistranslates to carbon emission equivalent (Co2e) reduction of 984metric tonnes. It substantially reduces dependence on conventional energysources, thus mitigating carbon emissions and is a shift towards sustainableenergy use. Adoption of the combined strategy achieves Co2e emissionreduction of 25,320 MT per annum”.

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